4:00 in the Morning

It’s been a minute since I’ve found myself wide awake at this time of the morning. My alarm is set to go off in two and half hours. That’s not going to be enough time even if I were to fall asleep right this second. Which I’m not. Sigh.  I had a Dr. Pepper around three o’clock yesterday afternoon.  Just enough caffeine to have me fairly wired.

Toss in the need to get some more work done on the latest book (really tight self-imposed deadline on it as I want to have it in print and available in time for holiday sales!), the growing excitement and anxiety of my upcoming trip and a close encounter with a cockroach and you have the perfect insomnia storm.

Oh well. I got almost four thousand words written tonight. I’m just about done with the main writing. The hard part will be designing the front pages as that’s where the workbook section is. I’m not a graphic designer by any stretch of the imagination so not sure how to make the pages functional. Come to think of it, not sure how I’ll make the work book e-book friendly. Have to do some research later on today for sure.

(yawn) Guess I better try to get a few winks. So hard when the words won’t shut up.

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