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How do you come up with the titles for your posts? Your books (for those of you who write them)? How about your articles? Are the subject lines for your emails easy to generate?

For me, I’ll have a title spring to mind and that becomes my working title but usually, at some point during the writing, another title comes to mind, and that becomes my final title.  I usually end up with just two titles for any one project.  But, with my current WIP – the non-fiction book – I’m up to title number three and I’m nowhere near the end of the writing. Truth be typed, I’m still at the drafting phase where all I’m putting down are snippets and chunks that will eventually need to be formed into coherent pieces that I will then edit together to form the first draft. How then have I managed to swing through three titles so far?

I’d like to blame it on how excited I am to finally be putting this book together. It’s been marinating (as well as showing up in my blog posts) for about two years now. It’s nice to finally have my Muse working with me consistently.

As for the titles I have so far…

  1. The Satin Sheet Diva Experience
  2. Will the Real Me Please Stand Up
  3. Not Your Typical Self Help Book

None of them are sitting well with me at this point. In fact, number one needs to be stricken from the record book altogether. Not only that, but as far as I’m concerned, that whole persona, The Satin Sheet Diva, can disappear – it was a marketing idea back in 2008. I thought back then, that my niche was going to be in the erotica new-image.jpggenre. So all of my marketing was associated with that ‘nick-name’.  I had a domain name registered, commissioned a logo, everything.  Then promptly wrote / published three books that had nothing to do with erotica.  I’ve kept it around because, well, because I paid a lot of money for it, but it never did catch on and frankly, I’ve come to see it as trite.  There’s no way it should appear as the title of a book I’m producing.

So for now, I’ve got the angst of wanting an appropriate title gumming up my writing works. Oh, the writing is still going on, but at almost every break in the flow, I’m wondering what I should call it.  It’s become a bit of a distraction to say the least.  I’d love to use this as some type of contest where readers submit suggestions and the suggestions get posted for a vote; the person who submitted the winning title would win a copy of the book. But alas, I haven’t had any luck with interactive posts or give-aways to date.

This title situation is sticking in my craw also because the title will affect the cover art. I like when the two compliment each other.  No title? No visions of potential cover art. Not sure why that’s an issue, but eh…it is.

Oh well. I suppose my best bet is to keep writing. I’m sure something will surface soon. I’d hate for it to end up like this…2705

Oh, but now that I think about it (giggle), that would be perfect. OMG, and that gives me a title idea as well.

No, wait…dang it! The idea is gone. Why oh why is this so hard to…wait a minute, it’s back. And it would work beautifully with the subject matter.  OMG!! And be a wonderful marketing tool. Hmmmm, better write this idea down and run it by my biz partner. I’m thinking I’m on to something.

Me thinks this calls for a dance of joy. Won’t you join me?

(wonder how in the world she gets it to move like that?)
(wonder how in the world she gets it to move like that?)

14 thoughts on “Blank Slate

  1. Titles just come to me as I’m writing. Sometimes they’re lousy, but overall I just latch onto the first idea that floats into my head. Not much help, am I?

    1. You took the time to comment, so I’m happy, thank you. Now, about these titles – even when you think they’re lousy, you’ll roll with them? That’s what has me switching most times – the first one I think of sounds great at first, then it doesn’t, which prompts me to open my mind to title number two. Or in this case five (I’ve changed it twice since I posted the blog entry, lol). Sigh.

      1. I use lots of lousy titles! Once upon a time I was fussier, but I don’t have the time any more to do more than one or two fast revisions of my original idea. Wish I could be more spontaneously clever, but I can’t. Some people seem to be born with the gift for crafting perfect titles, don’t you think?

    1. Thank you…but you know I’ve already decided on something new (after an additional THREE ideas came and went, lol). #2 was my fav out of the three though so I’m sure I’ll be using it as a section header.

  2. I like number two as well, but I also like the other idea you have! I have no trouble with titles for short works, but coming up with novel titles is another matter. I still don’t have a title for my current WIP. 😦

  3. Titles have a tendency to pop into my head, but sometimes they’re riffs on existing titles, or some such. Ghosts of Earth was inspired by a song I love to listen to, called “Ghosts of Reach” from the Halo 2 soundtrack when I’m writing.

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