Hmmmm, So That Didn’t Work Out as I’d Planned.

I would be laughing if I didn’t still feel so blah. Don’t know if you noticed this or not, but it’s September 2nd. Which means I missed my release deadline by like, two weeks. What the hell? And just when my ankle seemed to be healing up, this nasal / sinus mess goes into high gear and is now a phlegm-y presence in my chest as well. Still no cold symptoms so am I safe in assuming it’s allergies? Either way, haven’t felt like exercising since the nose thing started, figured I’d push myself anyway and went on a two-mile walk Monday. Not the smartest move. Ankle got cranky AND the nose thing flared up.


But, then I do my weekly weigh in and see that I’m down another pound. I’ve basically dropped a pound a month since May. Bought a set of dumbbells too – for almost $20 less than I’d planned. They’re not the fancy stacking weights, but that’s cool. They’ll get the job done and that’s what matters. So, as soon as I get full use of my sinuses back, I can add a simple dumbbell lifting routine to my exercise regimen.

So some good, some bad. That’s life in the big city eh?

Oh wait, almost forgot…got hit with another inspirational lightening bolt last night. Kept me up past my bed time as I felt driven to put down all that was running through my head (by hand no less – pen to paper, baby! Around 1800 words).  I’m feeling a strong vibe with this one; as if it could be the one that gets me some commercial recognition. I’m still going to self-publish, I own a publishing company for goodness sake. Just get the feeling there’s a pretty decent sized audience for this one versus the teeny-tiny niche I’ve built with my other work.

But eh, what do I know? It’s really a matter of luck, now isn’t it?


Love you.

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