The Horror of Formatting

MTI1NjI5Nzc5MjkzNTQyODc4I’m not sure how you get along with your word processing program, but I swear to goodness, when it comes to formatting my novels, Microsoft Word seems to have it in for me.

First off, I’m using a pre-formatted template. Technically, all I have to do is cut and paste my copy into the template, taking out the words and breaks and such that I don’t need. Sounds simple, right? My question is this.  Once I’ve done that, why is my new doc showing a loss of almost 10K words?  The template comes complete with headers, front matter, all kinds of additional verbiage. If nothing else, my word count should go UP, but NOOOOO!

Then there’s the curse of the page numbers. You see, if you use section breaks instead of page breaks, the numbering goes all wonky and you have to go though and find where the section breaks are, delete them, then put in page breaks instead. gal-scream-grace-kelly-mogambo-jpgNow, in the draft, my pages are full size, in the template, they are 5.5 X 8, which means 100 pages in 8.5X11 goes up in number once I shrink it down.  So, I’ve got to comb through all those pages to find the section breaks versus the page breaks, delete them then go back and put the page breaks in where necessary.

scaredOh, AND then there’s the little formatting deal that dictates that all new sections (chapters) must start on the right side. So, after cleaning up the breaks, then I have to go in and make sure my chapters and such start on the page they’re supposed to.

It is safe to say, that after working on this for the past two, almost three hours, AFTER having spent the morning getting the draft itself together in order to copy it over to the print format, it is safe to say, I’m over it for the day. I’ll try to figure it out tomorrow maybe. Or…later tonight.  Either way, for now, I gotta hit save and find something else to do.


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