Not Your Typical Book Cover…sort of

Alright, so…it’s not all fancy, schmancy but it wouldn’t look out-of-place with my other book covers, at least not too much…

Home made with MS Publisher; my own picture.
Home made with MS Publisher using a picture I took with a digital camera.
sample front cover 1
Done in MS Publisher with a photo taken by my friend. I think she used a cell phone.
Front Book Cover
MS Publisher yet again with a free stock picture.
Book Cover design
MS Publisher yet again, using a free stock photo.

As for the new one, well, check it out….

Potential cover for the new baby. MS Publisher is my go-to software.
Another DIY with MS Publisher

I love it. I know, it’s simple. REAL simple. But that’s why I like it. I’m a simple kind of woman and definitely an “outside the box” kind of person. I know I’m supposed to be shooting for covers that fit in with its peers on the book store shelf, but let’s be honest, what I write isn’t really commercial so why should my covers be?

3 thoughts on “Not Your Typical Book Cover…sort of

    1. Whew – thank goodness. Even though I like it, I was a bit worried that it wouldn’t go over well. Now, granted, all I have is your comment at the moment but hey, that’s good enough for me ;-). Thanks!

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