I Don’t Know How to “Be” Sick

So, I’ve had this not quite sore throat every morning since last Sunday. I’ve had what could be fever and chills – but at 48, I consider all that part of the hot flash hell of this time of life, so no real telling if that’s what’s going on. I’d be willing to bet that it’s not a fever because as far as I remember, fevers stick around for a while and this feeling seems to dissipate after no more than an hour or so.

But anyway, I have an occasional need to roughly clear my throat. I wouldn’t call it a cough because it’s controlled. I just notice I have to do it more often than usual which indicates to me that my sinuses are draining a bit more than normal.  Which leads me to the fact that my nose seems to be putting in overtime on the mucus production, but instead of me having to blow my nose every other minute or so, I’m back to that harsh throat clearing deal to get the goo moving.  My nose has also decided that which ever nostril I’m not using at the time (did you know you breath through one nostril at a time?) is the one that’s going to swell shut and then start over producing the sludge.

All that to say, I don’t think I’m doing this “being sick” thing right.  I’ve been fortunate that I tend not to get sick in the first place. Oh, don’t get me wrong…as a kid, I was the one to get those typical childhood diseases like clockwork. My last real deal though was an ear infection that caused some nerve damage in my face! I’ve got a spot to this day, underneath my left eye that is hypersensitive to touch. You would think from the many bouts of strep throat and ear infections I had as a kid that I’d have being sick down pat, but nope.  In college, I got tonsillitis. Mind you, I was still going to class and what not despite not being able to talk and having a really bad cough. By the time I meandered over to the student clinic, I’d been sick a solid week, almost week and a half. The nurse took one look down my throat and declared it was tonsillitis. She wrote me a prescription that I never took because the very next day, all my symptoms stopped.

After that came the occasional cold, which I would self treat, all while going about my regular day. I remember getting sick to my stomach once (and alcohol wasn’t a factor which is how I knew something was off).  I threw up twice, around two or so in the morning. That was it. No other symptoms. I was in my late thirties the first time I ever got the flu. I had no idea what it was but that was the first time since 9th grade that I was so sick I stayed in bed. Lasted a week. For the first three days, I kept getting up in an attempt to go to work, and each time, my body refused to cooperate. I was definitely running a fever that time. I knew it because the backs of my eyeballs were hot :-).  And in case you’re wondering, I didn’t have a thermometer in the house. Had never needed one, you know. I’ve since had the flu one other time. I knew to sit still and let it run its course, sort of. I went in to work for a couple of half days before finally just staying home and getting some rest.

So, here I sit with this pseudo sinus / cold / allergy (?) deal and I have no idea what to do for it. I’m sucking down hot tea, throat lozenges, nasal stuff; I’ve slathered on the vapor rub, but it all seems like over kill as the symptoms are annoying but not major, if that makes any sense. I took today off from work to give my body a bit of a rest but even that seems unnecessary.

Sigh.  I don’t know how people do this. My daughter gets sick every time the seasons change. For real, four times a year, no matter what, she gets a cold, runs a fever for a few days. She has being sick down to a science – first the initial day of being tired, then the onset of the fever, culminating with the runny nose and cough. She’ll take to her bed and that’s that until it’s run its course. I’m amazed at how she does that.

5 thoughts on “I Don’t Know How to “Be” Sick

  1. Seems like the fall sick What-i-it-gunk is starting early this year. Most annoying. Hope you feel better soon – some people do “sick” well and seem to relish it – the rest of use don’t and just get annoyed at feeling rotten.
    Had to laugh at your college experience as it happened to me too. The fall it snowed (and we don’t get snow in the fall – rarely in Jan/Feb) and the dorm still had the AC running full blast because the state said AC stayed on until Thanksgiving…even if it was snowing.
    My ancient grandmother said to wrap up and sit in the sun ( while drinking lots of hot clear liquids) and read a book. (She was a librarian, though, so she though sitting and reading cured most anything)
    Feel better!

    1. That whole “wrap up, sit in the sun, and read a book” deal sounds like the cure all to a lot of what ails me these days. Toss in “…beachside” and you’d have my perfect remedy. Your grandmother was a wise woman :-).

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