Horn’s a-tootin’

It’s not often that I pat myself on the back. I tend to miss my accomplishments because I’m so focused on the areas where I want to do better. But, on the advice of one of my soul mates, I am attempting to do more self-congratulation and way less self-flagellation ;-).

*ahem* Anyway, check this out:

  • Almost done with the rewriting part of the edit of my current, soon to be released short story collection, Aphrodite’s Twin. I’ve cleaned up the wrap around story considerably, finalized the format, decided on a cover image, and believe I’ll be releasing the novel for sale by my target date of on or before August 31st.
  • doubled the amount sitting in my savings account (may have to dip into it but the fact that I was able to do it at all plus meet expenses so far for the month is epic for me).
  • Have kept to my yoga / stretching routine schedule for a whole week so far.
  • I’ve lost a total of 4.7 pounds since I began my Body Love deal in May (May 25th to be exact). Β I won’t know my full health stats until after my physical, but I’m hoping to get the “you’re numbers look great” from the doc.

Won’t you join me in my celebratory dance of joy?


10 thoughts on “Horn’s a-tootin’

  1. Congrats on your accomplishment and on remembering to take the time to congratulate yourself. [That made sense?] I think that I need to get my act in gear and follow your lead. That is, live healthier and remember how far I’ve come. Easy to let both of those areas slide, isn’t it?

      1. Well, I show up for both. You’re an inspiring woman and a damn fine writer. πŸ™‚

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