The Revision (As I Edit, continued)

Five o’clock this morning, Muse whispers in my ear, “the reason this still hasn’t been finished is because you’re not channeling it right. You keep wanting to tell it your way and not the way it’s being told to you.”


So, I got still, got quiet…and attempted to go back to sleep.  Muse and my lead character had other ideas. So, I’m up and dressed at 5:15; sitting in front of my computer by 5:30.  I tried to start a new Scrivener file but shut that down fairly quickly. I like Scrivener, but only for after my first draft is written. I then cut and paste pieces into Scrivener in order to get the draft organized into something that can be more easily edited (learned the hard way with Hello Diva and  Breaking Point pantsing is a mess to clean up without some kind of technology to help you).

Can’t use Word yet because I have to wait until pay-day to get MS Office.  I had to take my laptop in for surgery a couple of weeks ago – thought I’d backed up all my software, discovered when I went to reload it, that I hadn’t done it correctly so the files were missing pieces needed to re-install. Oh well. Necessity, invention and all that, I ended up jotting the first few lines of the REWRITE…

WHAT THE F....!!!!

…into an email and sending it to myself so I’d have it saved somewhere. Going to hand write during the day as I get breaks between job duties. Will more than likely go back and forth between the two techniques for the rest of next week as well, then when MS Office is safely loaded onto my machine, I’ll be writing like it’s NaNo to get the rewrite finished and ready for a legit beta read as soon as possible.

I have a cover design already in mind, so will be taking pictures this weekend. All but one of my book covers is a professional photograph.  One was taken with a basic camera, the remaining two were taken with the camera on a cell phone and then edited by me :-). I am seriously a one stop – shop when it comes to publishing my books.

Anyway, all of that to say, I’m excited again about writing. About seeing my fifth book baby ‘born’.  I’m still shooting to have this one in print and ready for sale before the end of August. Perhaps I should do an advance sale….eh? Maybe once the cover is finished, we’ll see.

In meantime, I’ve got work to do.


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