As I Edit

I keep being interrupted by passages that I absolutely love.  For example,

Once in bed, she covered me with her body, naked and so soft against mine. Usually, I was the aggressor but that night, I lie back, letting her express herself. I wasn’t the most patient or sensual of lovers until she taught me that night; caresses were slow and deliberate, teasing me to new heights of arousal. Kisses were strategically placed, erogenous zones skirted around, never directly stimulated. I found myself moaning at octaves deeper than than I’d uttered before. Gasping when she introduced me to a new sensitivity.  That night, her scent was once again the floral melody I remembered from the first. It acted as an aphrodisiac. I ached to be inside her, our souls coupling as our bodies joined.  No matter how much I unabashedly begged to enter her, she drug out her seduction of my senses until I was undone. I was close to bursting, when she finally mounted me. Her moist folds gripped me tighter than I’d remembered, every nerve attuned to the sensation. I felt the supple strength of her; each throb, twitch, and squeeze vibrated through me, causing the muscles in my stomach to clinch and my eyelids to flutter in ecstasy. Our hips moved of their own accords, creating that delicious friction. I strained upwards with each thrust, wanting only to reach every pleasurable place inside her. She cried out, back arching with each orgasm. I wanted nothing more than to keep her in that state of joy for as long as I could.

My, but Dimitri has a way with words, eh? It’s weird to me how I can have a character who speaks so differently from the way I do. I believe I channel my characters – that they speak ‘through’ me to get their stories told, but it still feels weird, even after all this time, to go back and read what I’ve written and feel that ‘other’ presence of the character in my head.

Oh well. Just wanted to share that passage with you.  Back to hacking away at the edits. editing-rates

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