Giving tight and inflexible a new meaning.

I have to laugh. I’ve decided to add yoga to the mix of healthy lifestyle changes. I PowerBlockwanted to add weight training as well, but there is still this glitch that keeps me from going to the gym. Thinking it’s time to invest that $10 / month in a set of those fun looking stackable dumbbells instead of my gym membership. I have GOT to add weight lifting otherwise, it’s going to take me forever to whip this figure into shape.

But anyway, back to the yoga. So, I’m doing yoga on the off days between what’s supposed to be my weight lifting days. Tonight was day two.  I want to give up as it is laughable how un-bendy my body is. No wonder I twisted my ankle trying to do that dance move. My muscles are seriously tight like an old dried out fan belt or rubber band.


Seriously, it’s like this when I try to do the yoga poses…

But I know – much like the other changes I’ve made so far, consistency is the key. Between this and the eventual weight lifting, I should be able to touch my toes by say, this time next year? 200

Oh, I crack myself up sometimes. Sorry, no, seriously, I anticipate seeing some real change in just another month or so should I stick to my schedule. And again, once I add the weight lifting, things will progress a bit more quickly I think. Oh, did I tell you, I finally lost some pounds. Yup. A whole 3.6 to be exact (just .3% body fat). Lost an inch off my waist as well. Eh. It’s slow going (another reason to add weight training and yoga) but it is FINALLY going.

It is a tremendous feeling to finally see some positive results to the changes I’ve put into place. It’s a boost to my self-esteem as well. Not because I’m changing my appearance (barely); that wasn’t the reason I started all of this. No, it was more to prove that I could break the cycle. That I could follow through, that I would DO the work to MAKE the change.  If I succeed, in however small an increment, then I prove to myself that I’m not destined to fail every time, that I have what it takes to do what needs to be done, and most importantly, that I believe I’m worth the effort. For so long, I struggled with that tiny concept – the idea that I was WORTHY.  Its been eye-opening to see how self-esteem / self-confidence / self-worth factor into other aspects of life.

Alright, that’s enough for one night. Thanks for stopping by.  You ROCK! 🙂

10 thoughts on “Giving tight and inflexible a new meaning.

  1. Changes like the ones that you’re making are so difficult to do. I applaud your weight loss and your sense of humor while getting all healthy-like. As they say: You Go Girl!

  2. Nice! I’ve fallen into a bit of a rut again. I do my dumbbells every now and then (I’m up to 15kg at the moment), and I have got to start getting into, as the doctor kindly told me to lose weight or start having heart problems.

      1. I know, right? My problem isn’t the healthy eating as such, my meals are all super healthy, it’s the snacking in between, especially when I’m feeling low.

      2. I know, I know, but it’s become a habit now… that was the problem, this last year I was working 10-11 hour shifts and coming home and cooking and cleaning, bathing and bedding Kelsi, and snacking became automatic. 😦 Stupid work.

      3. You’re preaching to the chior as they say. I can completely relate. But dude, it is because of your obligations that you MUST make taking care of you a priority. Switch that bad snackage for healthier stuff – one small change at first. We’ll ease the work out in later ;-).

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