Dear Universe

Dear Universe (God, Goddess, Buddha, Ancestors, etc.),

I’m writing you today to make a formal announcement and an implicit request. First, the announcement.

Internet clip art that said it all.
Internet clip art that said it all.

I am done with this situation where fingers get pointed, blame is placed, but no one is willing to accept responsibility for their own actions and or the part they play in having created the situation.  I am done with the presentation of problems for others to solve without any effort on the presenter.  I am done taking the high road, taking the heat, all in an effort to ‘do the right thing’, only to find myself adrift without support and disrespected at each turn.

Now, for the request.

I am open for a new opportunity to be recognized and paid (yes, I am still a fan of monetary compensation) for my writing, creativity, and imagination. I am willing to work in an environment where my integrity, morals, transparency, and genuine desire to reach a beneficial outcome for all parties concerned, is seen as a bonus and is therefor welcomed and supported. I prefer to work individually – having not to rely on more than one or at most two other resources as I’m finding that I meet deadlines and produce much better work when I’m the sole source.  I desire clear expectations, written descriptions of desired outcomes; situations where all parties involved know what they want and what it will take to get it.  As far as compensation is concnerned, I’m accepting high five or more figures before the decimal; some travel is fine, as is having to go into an office location.  My preference is to be able to log in and complete my work from where ever my internet connection happens to be the strongest.

For more specific details, as I refine my request and develop more precise boundaries, I’ll be back in touch. You’ll most likely hear from me:

  • during my current commute,
  • whilst in the middle of business meetings
  • on current pay days
  • right before I drop off to sleep.

Thank you for your time, guidance, love, and understanding.




2 thoughts on “Dear Universe

  1. You write a letter for all of us who are tired of being disrespected [or might I add, marginalized] for doing the right thing. Well said. Hope that the Universe is listening to you, to all of us- and rights this situation soon.

    1. I’ll add you all to my prayer / meditation / chats with the Universe, et al. 🙂 And if things don’t change, then I’ll be sending out invitations to join me on some island some where we can try living the way we want to.

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