Promises to Keep

I don’t know what’s brought my publishing (writing) to an almost stand still. I’ve been pecking away at what could be best described as a snail’s pace with the editing, rewrites, and adding of new words to the drafts waiting on my hard drive.  It’s not a case of writer’s block as the stories are already written, they’re just waiting for me to get my fingers to the keys on a regular basis.  Just for a moment I thought perhaps all of this blogging (ha) was getting in the way, but truth be told, the two are wildly different energies. Could be the instant gratification of publishing to my blog has taken over the feeling of satisfaction that comes when I’m holding a finished, printed, book I’ve written, in my hands. That’s closer to the truth, I bet.  I’m bored with the time it takes (even when I’ve completed a draft in 30 days) to bring a good book to life.

Whatever the reason, I’ve got to get over it. People (make that two people) are waiting for the next book to hit the “shelves” (a.k.a the box in my trunk) and I’ve told them both to be expecting it by the 3rd week in August. That means editing and rewrites have to be done no later than the 14th.  I don’t want to let anyone down so…

To that end, I’m scouring my draft, frowning at how much I have to do to get this bad boy ready for a real editing pass.  Ho hum.  This is how things work when you’re an indie publisher / writer, I suppose :-).

“Said with a drunkard’s lazy drawl as his hand slipped roughly up her thigh.” – sometimes a line I’ve written catches my attention. This draft is full of them so I must have done something write…I mean, right, all those months ago.  Perhaps this won’t be such a hardship after all.  😉

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