Last of the Spider Posts :-)

Finally got up the nerve to do a Google (remember back when we used to say, “do a little research”?) and here’s why the eight legged critters are featuring so prominently in my life these days.

The Symbolism of Spiders

Go. Figure.  :-).  Under these circumstances, I suppose I will attempt to squelch my fear for a touch longer.  Especially since the beast who lives on my front stoop at night has moved so we can face each other as I lock my front door (another moment of having to keep the tears at bay…from its new position, I can see how big it really is. O.M.G.).


Perhaps I should read this guide, so I’ll know how to cry in public because if my personal, positive growth is going to result in attracting my second biggest fear, then I should be prepared.   SIGH.


3 thoughts on “Last of the Spider Posts :-)

  1. Okay. First of all I still say, on occasion, that I’m researching. I admit this freely. 🙂

    But about spiders: The Spider is an ancient symbol of mystery, power and growth. I’m just not convinced of this. Sounds like crazy talk to me. Spiders are icky. Always have been. The only mystery about a spider is how long I’ll let it live before I smash it. Just saying.

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