Should I, or Shouldn’t I?

I’m not sure how long it’s been since I cut the Facebook and Twitter social media cords.  Maybe a year and some change now, could be two years.  I’ve recently cut my Yahoo news feed as well. I got rid of TV at the house a year and some change ago as well. I don’t miss any of them.

BUT.  I am now pretty much cut off from my extended family. We weren’t all that close to begin with so Facebook became a way for us to keep in touch that didn’t involve the expense of a regularly scheduled family reunion. There was also a small enclave of writer “friends” with whom I only kept up with via Facebook; I find I miss their humor and occasional story posts. I’m also lacking now in a way to promote my books for ‘free’. Networking and connecting with new readers, writers, agents, and publishers is effectively cut off as well seeing as how I don’t have the money yet to attend writer’s conferences and such.

AND THEN. There’s really no way to interact with my fitness communities (FitBit and Nerd Fitness).  Nerd Fitness has a forum type deal but I can’t seem to get the hang of how to use it effectively.  Not to mention everyone there seems to be mid twenties to mid thirties in age.  Seeing as how I’m on the greater-than side of my mid-forties, there’s not a lot to chat about with that crowd on the whole, know what I mean? However, I’m betting on Facebook there’s a bigger community and better chance of coming across someone my age whose on the same fitness journey and finding that it’s an uphill climb once one gets into their 40’s – seriously, what sense does it make to human evolution to slow one’s metabolism down as they get older? Was it nature’s way of fattening up the old so they would satisfy the predators for longer periods of time allowing the younger cave dwellers to live to exist another day?

ON TOP OF THAT. I find out that one of my all time favorite comics in life, Bloom County is back (Thank you blogger, The Spectacled Bean, for the heads up), but is only being published through Berkeley Breathed’s (I have always thought that must be a pen name, lol…No offence Mr. Breathed.  Love your work!) Facebook page. I am deeply saddened at not being able to read it daily unless I save the link to Mr. Breathed’s FB and check it EVERYDAY.

So do I do it? Do I go back to the pictures of dead men lying in the street, the graphic videos showing humans at their most idiotic and barbaric worst? Or how about the hidden racist views, the hate, the bullying, all not so cleverly disguised as innocent comments? Do I wade through all that just to find a few rare positive connections, comments, posts, and pics? Hmmmmm.

Who am I kidding – not even Opus is worth going back to that. Sigh.

21 thoughts on “Should I, or Shouldn’t I?

  1. This is something I struggle with as well. Without social media, I don’t have any way to promote my music and stay in touch with my friends and family, but it can be a very depressing way to spend my time.

      1. :-). I’m thinking I’m just going to let that sleeping dog lie. I think back to how run down my FB addiction (and it really was a type of addiction) made me feel and I don’t want to go back. Gotta find some other way to connect with the distant cousins AND to read my fav comic, lol.

  2. What I’ve been doing is putting all the stuff I don’t want to see on “Block” by saying I just don’t want to see it any more. It’s cleaned up my feed a great deal, and it keeps the bad feelings away. As such I’m really seeing more and more positive stuff coming along.

      1. You can block content. When you set a post come up there’s a little downward triangle in the upper right hand corner, and when you click on that, you can say you don’t want to see the person posting, or the site from where it came (I do this a lot with ads), or you can say you don’t want to see that particular kind of content and just filter that out. You’ll find that after a week of doing that a lot of the crazy trash and nutso posts vanish, and you can zoom in on those things you don’t want to see. Oh, and if you unfollow someone, they can still see you because you didn’t unfriend them, you simply can’t see their posts. I’ve done this with people who’ve popped up on my friend’s list who haven’t started out nutter, but are slowly showing their real colors.

        It’s truly a sanity saver.

  3. I use block ruthlessly – I’m all for original posts & comments but not a fan of someone who reposts/retweets 20 things a day with nothing original from them –
    as for ‘free’ advertising – that’s a myth 🙂

    1. Note the quotes around ‘free’ in the post; I lived with the illusion that my FB was going to launch me into indie author success…right up until I realized just how much of my content wasn’t being seen due to how the FB code decided what folks would see and when. Of course, there was the “pay” option which would then guarantee my posts would be seen by all. HA! Yet another reason for me to stay away from FB for awhile longer.

  4. I left FB a few years ago. I’ve never looked back. My “friends” seemed to be filled with hate and vitriol. Or, maybe worse, endless bad photos of all their progeny. 😉 While I was there, only once, did a “friend” visit my blog and comment.

    I found the whole system to be rigged against personal connection, but primed for emotional manipulation. Maybe it’s different now, but I dunno.

    Also, thanks for linking to me. I appreciate it.

    1. You summed up FB perfectly – particularly the emotional manipulation part. And you’re welcome. I hope the linkage brings you more readership as I do so enjoy your postings. Was sorry to read about the ankle though. Sending you healing vibes 🙂

  5. I heard it said: ‘When life gives us lemons, we should learn to make lemonade.’ A suggestion? The creation of your own ‘social media outlet’. Take a pinch of all the things you love about social media, add a pinch or two of what you wish social media featured more of, and lastly- make it about YOU ’cause it is…

    1. Was so thinking along those lines but I’m technologically challenged so not sure how to set things up. sigh. Will definitely work out something though. Any suggestions, recommendations, and such would be most appreciated :-).

      1. Yes, I actually do have a recommendation- no… two. First: Never call yourself ‘technologically challenged’ again. Not using certain words or flipping them so that we make the statement a positive, is the surest way to get the Universe on our side.
        Second: Check out a site called Weebly. It’s one of the easiest site builders I’ve seen in a while. Plus you can’t beat free!

      2. You’re right – the power of words! Thank you for the reminder.

        And I’ve used Weebly in the past, but the site wasn’t very user friendly; it just sat there, lol. Folks couldn’t buy books from it which is what I really wanted to have. BUT (after re-reading), it may just be perfect for the family deal. If I make it private, sharing the link only with the fam, then we have a central location for us to post, exchange info and everything. I’ll start exploring the possibilities this week.

        Thanks again!! :-).

      3. Another suggestion concerning Weebly: There are some great video tutorials on YouTube as well as their main site. Seeing someone build a site and explain each step as they went along really helped me understand the ‘tech stuff’ much better.

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