Time to pack it up and go…Where?


If you skim the headlines, how much death, destruction, and absolutely USELESS “news” do you find? Reading between the lines you see little sprinkles of doom; tales of how the sun is going to level down it’s heat out put for a few years, delivering us into a new ice age or how the economy is going to tank for real this time leaving all but the 1% scrambling to survive. Greed masquerading as capitalism and free trade.

The mental gymnastics Humans have to go through to see other Humans as less than Human despite the obvious physical traits that mark them all as Human in order to subjugate, abuse, maim, and kill; how do you look a fellow Human in the eye and then cut off their head? Or do I really not want to know?  Naw…you’re right. I really don’t want to know.

I can’t cut the head off a chicken let a lone that one teacher who treated me as if I were retarded (I don’t believe it’s okay to use that word anymore, is it? I get so confused as to what’s okay in some contexts – let me just apologize now as I honestly don’t mean any offense by it – the teacher really did tell my mom she thought I was retarded and belonged in special ed) just because I read at a higher reading level than she thought I should and instead of sitting there reading the simplistic little weekly reader she’d handed me, I preferred to take a nap.

I get angry at what I perceive to be the injustices of the world, but I don’t kill Humans. I struggle to kill anything these days, except bugs. If it’s in my space and has more than four legs, it’s got to die. Does that make me a sociopath?

Have you seen what happens to things when they come into contact with nuclear energy? They rot. Not all that quickly in some cases but that’s what happens. And live things tend to start rotting long before they die. Unless you pack all that nuclear energy into a BOMB, and then most living things turn into shadows on ruins – so to that end, why do Humans think they can survive a nuclear war? Why do Humans insist on making things that run on nuclear energy or think that storing nuclear waste isn’t going to back fire one day?

Sigh.  HUMANS.

Once again, the idea looms that I need to find a small village in which to run away to. Of course, this village would have to have clean water, electricity, and a strong internet connection…I’m screwed, aren’t I? At least until I can successfully wean myself from the breast of the beast.

And I started today with some general feelings of contentment and hope. Now? After my addict’s run through my News Feed, I feel like going back to bed and never getting out.

Freakin’ HUMANS!

Where the hell did I put my happy place?

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