Places to go.

European Tour 2015

  • London for two nights, then off to
  • Brussels,
  • Amsterdam,
  • Munich,
  • Venice,
  • Florence,
  • Lugano,
  • Lucerne, then
  • Paris, for two nights.

To say I’m stoked would be a gross understatement. I get to add to my “dream destinations I’ve actually visited” list!  In 2011, I found myself in Athens, Greece; I toured temples and things I’d fallen in love with whilst enjoying a love affair with Greek Mythology in my teens. I got to cruise the Greek Isles on that trip as well which allowed me to have lunch and do some shopping on Mykonos island where a large portion of one of my all time favorite (and dare I say, life defining) movies was filmed.


In 2014, it was a week in Belize, a country I’d been reading about in hopes of finding a tropical paradise of sorts to which I could retire (early) that wouldn’t break the bank or have me a ridiculous amount of travel time away from the bulk of my family and friends.

Then this year, I get to swing through THREE of my dream destinations in one trip.


To my readers who reside in or have spent some time in any of these locations (London and Paris particularly), what would be your top recommendations for sites to see, things to do, places to eat when one has only 24 hours in which to see, do, and eat?  🙂  I’ve Googled like a mad woman and have been overwhelmed with choices.

I’ve got a decent amount of time before my flight leaves – around two months of decent time. I probably should start packing, eh?  I’m so excited…

So, so excited...
So, so excited…

5 thoughts on “Places to go.

    1. There are almost too many places I want to go while in London – truth be told, I could happily spend the entire vacation roaming the Isle. I spent a scant four years in residence there so many years ago…I’ve wanted to go back to them since we left. Maybe next year 😉

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