Independence Day – Hooorah!

Good googly – it’s the 4th of July already? Most awesome. What better way to kick off my 48th trip around the sun than with pretty explosives? How about hitting my 10K step goal twice since the new month began? Or managing to drink ALL the water I’m supposed to have?  Now, granted, I’ve gone a touch over my caloric goals since the month began.  Dude, it’s a holiday weekend, cut me some slack.  LOL.  Now, mind you, I’m going over in total calories, but managing not to go too far over in the fat and sugar categories :-).

I’ve got to add some more intense exercise to the mix this month. I lost an inch around my waist last month. Would love to drop two this month.  I’m figuring that hitting my 10K daily steps along with pressing some weight ought to do the trick.  Yeah, yeah, diet matters as well. I get that.  I told you, I’m cutting WAY back on the amount of meals I eat that I didn’t prepare myself. Not so sure how well that’s going to work – I’m just not all that big of a fan of doing much “switchin’ in the kitchen” if you know what I mean.  And good grief – grocery shopping?  Who does that? lol.  I once spent two hours in the grocery store.  TWO HOURS! I was there buying ingredients for two week’s worth of dinner recipes.  TWO weeks.  And I factored in having left overs for one or two days so we’re talking roughly ten meals and it took me freakin’ two hours!  It wasn’t even crowded.  LOL.  Proof positive, I have no business being in a grocery store.  I have read a couple of articles though and studied a few experts (my mom and my honey – they are grocery store gurus, you guys). I’m thinking if I keep things really simple, I should be okay. None of these ultimate recipes I’ve pulled off-line that may only take ten minutes to prepare but have a two page ingredient list.

I’m actually looking forward to it.  *ahem* Next week, you know, once the holiday is over and my paycheck hits the bank.

Anyway, I started this week, well, more like this year, contemplating life; wondering what the next phase of my existence was to be. It’s time to redefine, and if I may borrow an oft used phrase from Nerd Fitness, time to ‘level up’ my life. I don’t want to set a bunch of goals, or set up these elaborate schedules. I’ve done that many a time before only to succumb to RESISTANCE (seriously, read the War of Art by Steven Pressfield).  If it’s one thing I’ve learned over the last year’s worth of introspection, it’s that the simpler the better if I am to succeed at it. So, using some techniques I’ve read of from the afore-mentioned Nerd Fitness, Steven Pressfield, and James Clear (click his name for the info), I’m really thinking I’m going to make some major strides in getting to the next level.

goals met

So, here’s to leveling up!  And having a most wonderful July 4th!


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