Inspiration – an interlude

So, I’m driving down the highway.  Not thinking about too much, mostly just watching out for the other drivers as you never know when one is going to do something incredibly stupid whilst traveling at a high rate of speed. And that’s when it hit.


A lightening bolt – like jolt of inspiration. Most of the time, I just start to hear new voices in my head. A character or two will just start talking to me or I’ll suddenly be tuned in to a conversation they’re having, OR, I’ll be privy to seeing what they’re seeing = a scene will take shape in my mind as if I’m remembering it from a dream.

This morning’s jolt was just that though – a sharp, sudden blast of an idea. It’s for a two book series that I’m thinking of marketing much like one would market the “remix” of their first hit music single. A “novel” idea for a book marketing campaign, eh? Wonder if copyright stuff would make it difficult to have the original book cover art “remixed” to suit my need? Hmmm. One of those situations where I think I’m going to just dive in and see what comes of it. If there’s copyright stuff to handle, I’ll handle it when I get there, but until then, I’m going to roll with it. Hopefully I’ll avoid any “Blurred Lines” issues, eh?

Heaven help me though, this adds another two books to the TO BE WRITTEN pile.  As if I didn’t have enough of those already….

2 thoughts on “Inspiration – an interlude

  1. I love it when good ideas appear out of nowhere. And even better when you remember them! May the gods of proper copywriting and legal adherence watch over you as you go forward.

    1. It is an amazing thing being a creative spirit. I’m diggin’ these flashes – much better than the menopausal hot kind. Here’s hoping the Gods hear you and answer your prayer :-). Thank you!

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