Well Obviously, Something’s GOT to Change.

Day 1:

  • weight: 196 lbsweight
  • body fat: 36.7%
  • waist: 38″
  • hips: 48″

Day 8:

  • weight: 196.4 lbs
  • body fat: 36.9%
  • waist: 38″
  • hips: 46″body fat

Day 15:

  • weight:  199 lbs
  • body fat: 36.5%
  • waist: 38″
  • hips: 46.5″

Starting to feel as if my efforts are perhaps, being thwarted…

Let’s check the stats shall we?


net calories


Ah ha! Yeah…pretty sure I’m not doing something right when it comes to my caloric intake.  Whether I’ve exercised or not, the fact that my calories in quite a few cases go way over the goal line as well as being inconsistent are definitely pulling a Vector Security detail on my attempts to lose some inches.

And I’m thinking I’ve got to kick up my exercise from an average of 15 minutes to no less than 30. I’ve long believed weight lifting to be my salvation, but since I haven’t gone to the gym in just about forever (in fact, as part of my money-saving tactics, going to get rid of the gym membership altogether), it’s high time to add some body weight moves to the mix on a very regular basis. As it stands, since the 15th of May, I’ve only put in a total of 9 and half hours of walking. Works out to roughly 18 – 19 minutes a day, IF I were doing it daily.  Which I’m not. Especially not since the temps started hitting the mid 90s. Whew!

I suppose though I should be grateful that none of my numbers went up with any kind of significance. I’ve managed to maintain this rather round figure for the past few weeks.



Sigh. I’ve got 11 more days of “kick-off” to go. Going to make an adjustment or two and see where that lands me when it’s all said and done. Hopefully all of these reports will show some downward movement :-).

How goes your Body Love journey so far? What are you doing to show yourself some TLC?

11 thoughts on “Well Obviously, Something’s GOT to Change.

  1. persistence produces results – results can take a few weeks to show – for me portion control was as effective as working out more – so I keep my workout at a very simple level & eat three grains of rice less – it works

    1. (*giggle – three grains of rice, less. I like that idea 🙂 )

      But seriously, a big part of my troubles – I run out of patience before I see any results and then I’ll make changes that may or may not have been necessary. This time though, all signs are reminding me to give things a chance to work or at least show some type of result before I go off to the next.

  2. It definitely took me a few weeks to start seeing changes on the scale as well as in the mirror. I can definitely vouch for weight-lifting being a great weight loss technique. It’s so much more fun than traditional cardio too! Not only does it boost your metabolism, it also gives you increased confidence, or so I’ve found. My goal is 3-5 days at the gym a week, anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour each time with most of that time being spent on weights/machines (I’m lucky to have a gym that costs about $190 a year). On the days I’m not at the gym I’m trying to do at least a 15-20 minute walk around the neighborhood.

    1. And I was just about to get rid of my gym membership, but you may have inspired me to get back to pressing the weight. It’s my social anxiety (fancy term for just a general dislike of going to certain places and feeling foolish) that keeps me from going. I belonged to a gym years ago that hardly ever had anyone in it – a little off the beaten path. LOVED going. The guys that hung out in the free weight area were cool and there was plenty of equipment to go around. My gym now could be that if it were a tad bigger and independently owned. Right now, it’s just shy of being an LA Fitness type meat market and quite frankly, that vibe just….ugh!

      But okay, reading your comment, I’m willing to give it another go. Just have to find a time when there’s fewer people standing around taking up space around the free weights ;-).

      So glad to hear you’re making losses! Keep it up, I won’t be too far behind you.

      1. I can totally relate to the social anxiety, especially around the gym. There are days when I wish I were invisible at the gym. I guess I am lucky to have found a place that isn’t too crowded but isn’t completely abandoned either. My favorite days are the days when it’s less crowded, for sure. I keep trying to remind myself that no one else is paying half as much attention to me & how silly I might look as I am. And I’m sure there are plenty of other people there who are just as self-conscious as I am, maybe more so. Good luck! I’m glad my comment was inspirational. 🙂

  3. You can do it! Excited to follow along. 🙂
    I’m not doing your Body Love Journey since this is the first time I have actually heard of it but I have been on a journey for the past 9 weeks to shape up for the summer. So far so good! But you are totally right. You have to love yourself first or you will get no where. Good luck!!!

    1. Oh, but you are definitely doing a Body Love type of deal for yourself – great! Anything we can do to promote health for ourselves is showing our bodies some love. Thanks for stopping by and I’ll be checking out your blog for more info. 🙂

  4. After being diagnosed with Hashimoto’s, I had to go on a strict diet. No soy, no gluten, and no dairy. There were more no-nos like caffeine and alcohol, which I cut out for several months but have since added back (in moderation) a month or so ago. I didn’t anticipate weight loss when I began the diet. It was a happy side effect. I eat lean meats, fruits, and veggies with salmon or tuna three times a week (the fish is anti-inflammatory, a must for autoimmune diseases).I went from 141 to 122 in two months and I’ve maintained this weight for the last four months. You wouldn’t believe how processed foods make you swell. Eating clean brought other improvements as well like enhanced mental clarity, better mood, clearer skin, and increased energy. Good luck Dana. 🙂

    1. Eating clean, eh? I have got to find something that really breaks that down for me as what I’ve read so far is still confusing. You know me and my “focus” issues, lol. I need certain things in the most simplistic, straight forward of terms.

      Had no idea salmon was a natural anti-inflammatory. Thanks for that tid-bit and the other information. Sounds as if you’ve done an amazing job of tackling the symptoms. 🙂

  5. It’s really hard to keep at it when it’s hot and sweltering. In cool weather the dog forces me to get out and go for longer distances. But even at 6:30 it’s getting brutal now. So when my bobo ankle heals a bit I’ll get back on the treadmill. I know from experience that 40 minutes 5/6 days a week on a treadmill will definitely firm muscles and drop weight – 30 min will maintain that loss….the dog will just have to try not to eat so much until the weather chills.
    Good luck – stay at it – it does take time ( and I like the “3 grains less each day approach – that’s very good idea)

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