Really random Bull@#$%

That looks like a contradiction to me: 

  • Seeing someone outside, taking a walk on a beautiful day while smoking a cigarette.
  • Overhearing someone at a fast food restaurant ordering the beefiest of meals, supersized, then getting water or a diet soft drink.
  • Hearing the loud rumbling of a modified, performance built engine while that car is doing way less than the speed limit
  • Seeing some dude mean mugging everyone, gangster rap blaring from the cell phone in its protective holder on his wrist whilst he’s riding an older model ten-speed bike
  • Hearing gangster rap blaring from the mini-van next to me in traffic; the wife-beater-tee-shirt-baseball cap to the side-wearing driver looking every bit as if he recently got his license and mom has asked him to run to the store real quick.
  • Corporations in America pushing ethics training for their employees
  • I don’t have to smoke weed / drink to have a good time, I can stop at any time. Just because I choose to do it every time we go out doesn’t mean I’m addicted. It’s a choice.

Those free, best things in life:

  • watching a hawk come real close as it cruises in to perch briefly on a branch along the route I’m walking (without a cigarette)
  • connecting with someone new via my blog
  • spotting the occasional bunny in someone’s yard
  • standing on any beach with my feet in the water up to my ankles.

In the mind of this writer:

  • walking by this heavily wooded area behind my job and I can’t help but to think it would be a great place to hide a body. I think the same about culverts and swampy areas I pass by on road trips. Mind you, this is only in terms of the various plot ideas circling my brain at any given time.
  • speaking of which, wondering how many bodies have actually BEEN dumped in those areas that weren’t ever discovered and if I have the skills to write the scary story that pops into my head
  • looking at people and making up stories about them in the few seconds our eyes meet as we pass each other
  • wondering if there are ANY “just the facts” reports / posts / stories (news or otherwise) left in the world or is everything we read or hear tainted with the writer’s / reporter’s / corporation’s agenda / perspective / biases / prejudices
  • what would life be like if
For real...what it
For real…what it

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