Lesson learned (another quickie)

Based on your total calories consumed today, you are likely not eating enough

That is what my calorie / food tracker on My Fitness Pal keeps telling me.  And I have to admit, I am quite taken aback at how little sodium and sugar I actually eat in a day, even when I’m slurping down the occasional sweetened beverage, or went ahead and ordered the french fries instead of steamed veggies.

But even with all that, I’m consuming approximately 906 calories a day.  Somehow I’m thinking that’s not all that healthy, nor is it conducive to losing body fat.

Hmmmm. How did it come to this? I typically only eat twice a day, lunch and dinner.  I don’t take the time to eat breakfast after having had one incident where my breakfast choice didn’t agree with me. Now the fact that it was some super, sugary doughnut might have had something to do with the fact that my stomach rebelled, but since then, I convinced myself that I shouldn’t eat anything before 11:00 in the morning.

Could this be the one little change I need to initiate that will unlock the whole healthy living deal for me? Could my caloric deficit be the reason I rush home from work to flop on the couch or nestle in my bed for a quick (hour and half) nap, instead of going to the gym for a quick press of the weights?

Oh please, oh please, oh please...let this be it!
Oh please, oh please, oh please…let this be it!

LOL…I mean really, who wouldn’t want the way to lose weight to hinge on something as easy as lifting a fork more often instead of lifting weights?

Seriously, I know that’s not the ONLY thing I need to change.  And I still have to be conscious of what I’m eating, but it’s clear to me now that I have to eat more if for no other reason than to fuel my 10 minutes of daily exercise – which by the way, I’m managing a little more consistently than I thought I would. It’s the little victories that will see me through, eh?

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