Good deeds and all that… (a brief rant on what feels like the injustices of my life)


Had list of remaining debt that I made arrangements to consolidate, leaving me ‘debt free’ on paper (reducing the amount of money coming out of my monthly budget significantly).  Rechecked my math about a dozen times, even added a few dollars for padding.  Pushed all the required buttons and watched the I.O.U.s disappear.  Thought I was golden, till I got to the check-out stand, swiped my card and got back the “insufficient funds”.

WHAT THE F....!!!!
WHAT THE F….!!!!

Five freakin’ dollars left in my account because I paid off a couple of “regular” bills in their entirety that I hadn’t accounted for in my original list. AAAAARRRRRGGGGGHHHH!!!  Why didn’t I stick to my original plan? Why didn’t I just pay off the stuff on the list? Why do I do this to myself!! Even when I’m trying to do the right thing I end up goofing something up.

The good news is, nothing bounced and there won’t be anymore bill collectors calling my phone. I now have a monthly income that can go to monthly expenses such as food, gas for my truck, rent, and utilities. You know, the important things.

Now mind you, I still can’t have any emergencies for a while (sends up silent prayer to Murphy and the Fates that they find someone else to ‘bless’ for the next year); no unplanned vacations; no shopping for clothes or other frivolities;etc.

I’m telling you… cute-wink-smiley

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