Oh yeah, that’s right…I’m a Writer

And this is supposed to be where I regale you with tales of my writing adventures, flood your minds with writer-ly advise, and spend countless minutes promoting my work to the masses so that one day, I too can enjoy the life of leisure we know those wealthy writers enjoy.

Yes, I laughed just like this when I heard the
“Stop it, I can’t breathe….oh you’re so funny!”

Yeah, well, that’s what I was told should be the purpose of my blog.  But as it is in my life, I have yet to do much of anything the way I’m supposed to :-).  I love that about me but it does tend to make my journey a tad bit rough here and there. I mean, I’m the one who sees the escalator, but will take the stairs. Not for any discernible reason, other than they’re there so they must be climbed. I won’t use the automatic door function if I can pull the door open.  Why? Because I have use of my limbs and therefore feel I should use them.  Why make it easier for myself if I have the ability to do it the hard way?  Don’t ask.

Anyway, (and in case you hadn’t noticed, this is one of those random, pointless posts – the words have to come out – don’t judge me).  *ahem*  Anyway, for those of you who are stopping by in search of the a fore mentioned writer type posts, I will let you know now, what few there are will be re-blogs from other writer-ly types who are knowledgeable in those areas and have shared that knowledge here on WordPress.  There will be contest announcements, submission requests, tips, tricks, tools, and such, but they will come from other writers.

As for writing about my work? I’ll do that here and there as well. For example, Aphrodite’s Twin is in the 2nd edit stage. I’ve run dry of beta readers so it’s taking me longer than I anticipated but it will be released this summer – I promise. :-).  I will even offer a deal on the e-version for my blog readers.  Hopefully someone will take me up on it (picture a little pouty face here in hopes of guilt-ing you into buying my work 😉 )  Then there’s the manuscript draft I started with April Camp NaNo.  The bones are in place, now I need to flesh it out into a real story.  Thinking it is to be a novella instead of full length novel.  We’ll see.  That one I may publish to the blog as a short series. I’ve got to discuss it with the originator of the world into which I’m injecting these characters. We’ll work out a release deal as my story may work as a promotional piece to the books he’s already published.

And finally, my coaching business. I keep wandering around thinking the business will suddenly manifest and I’ll be up to my wallet in interested, paying clients who are eager to hire me to help them reach their writing and life goals in a way that takes the woo-woo out of self-help, bringing it down to real life, achievable steps. HA.  You see the contradiction in there don’t you?  I’m slow to put my advice to others into action for myself so of course, I’m even further away from actually having the business foundation in place from which I can launch the ACTUAL business. giphy

Yeah, I’m tired of it myself.  So I won’t be mentioning the business again until the launch. No big loss there, eh?

Alright, that should do it for today’s random word spillage.  I am a writer, and this is how I process the world. Putting words to page, whether they tell a coherent story or not.  It’s what I do.  It’s who I am.

Copied fromhttp://sebreg.deviantart.com/art
Copied fromhttp://sebreg.deviantart.com/art

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