I’ve got a lot on my mind.

Hi. It’s May 1st. I have just 59 more days left on my lease.

  • Do I not renew and spend who knows how much on a new place to live (my credit score is no doubt going to entice the property management company to demand and or raise their deposit amount; then of course there’s the actual cost of moving. I have a pretty big truck but that means moving in several trips, and gas ain’t cheap)?  There’s also the amazing amount of packing, cleaning, and such that goes into a move – none of which thrills me.
  • Do I extend my lease for at least six months knowing the rent is going to increase, leaving me in a place that has now become surrounded by neighbors of questionable income sources who seem to associate with people of even more questionable backgrounds? Oh, and how about the increase in the amount of CHILDREN?
  • Do I not renew and seek out another roommate situation where I move into someone’s spare bedroom for a couple of months? If I do that, then there’s my off-spring who is of course, between jobs and hasn’t decided whether or not to go back to college…yet; where would my fledgling sleep? Not to mention where would my mom sleep when she comes to visit this fall.

Oh, and that additional $4K of debt? Yeah, it’s still here. If I stay in my current residence, then I’m looking at debt elimination taking an additional six months at best.

There’s a couple other factors that will have an impact on which direction I head, but of course, those factors are taking their sweet freakin’ time in manifesting so my whole LIFE feels as if it’s on this weird inter-dimensional deal where on the one hand, it’s moving forward faster than I can keep up, but at the same time is on hold and not going ANYWHERE.

Bright spot – I won a Fitbit Flex at work. Diggin’ the technology. Now let’s see if I can use it to promote some positive change in at least one area of my life. (big sigh here)

Started using essential oils this past weekend. I’m six days in and notice a slight difference in the level of sleep I get when I’m slathered in the lavender, peppermint, sage, and ….I forget the other one…oil at night. Straight snorts of smell from the peppermint are supposed to help ease the headaches but I’m finding that’s not working so far. I’m thinking it’s going to take much more than that to calm the Migraine Fairy when she’s in her moods. Oh well. I’ll take the deeper sleep as a consolation prize and keep it moving.

What happens at nuclear power plants when the apocalypse (zombie, super flu, rapture…whichever) happens and wipes out all but a handful of people scattered here and there? And why don’t they address these things in the movies and TV shows?

Okay, so maybe there wasn’t that much on my mind to begin with. Or perhaps putting these few contemplations into my blog freed up some mind space and has left me feeling less whelmed. <—-as opposed to “over whelmed”? Dag nabbit, now there’s something else on my mind.

Wish I was here.
Wish I was here.
Or here...
Or here…

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