Camp NaNo and other musings.

No, I’m not going to be giving a day-by-day recap of how I’m doing with Camp NaNo.  I am happy to say though that this is the first Camp I’ve participated in that I have actually completed the first day having not only met the word goal but exceeded it by a few words. Not sure why the Camp editions of NaNo don’t thrill me as much as the November edition. Could be that this is the time of year I’m most wanting to be outside, doing STUFF rather than holed up in the Lair banging away at the keyboard, pounding out 50K words on a draft. It’s times like this I wish I had a sweeping back porch, screened in of course to help keep the mosquitoes and other flying insects at bay (side note, have already received some bug bite of the itchy variety…are the damn skeeters out already?).  I’d settle on that porch in the evenings after work, food at the ready, a glass of something nice by my side, and probably write until my wrists were screaming for relief. But alas, I have this tiny slab of concrete at the front door and no back anything to speak of. Hauling my laptop anywhere to sit in the sun just feels, well, wasteful – it takes time and gas because the closest spot conducive to writing in some sunlight is the Starbucks ten minutes away.  There’s no screens around their outdoor patio so not only would I have to drive, but I’d end up spending more time swinging at the wildlife than I would writing, I’m sure. No amount of skeeter repellent seems to keep the damn things from feasting on me these days.

Anyway, back to day one (yesterday) of Camp NaNo. I tossed up 1715 words in what amounts to an overview of one story. As I mentioned in a previous post, this draft is the foundation for two stories. One of them fan fiction, of sorts. I’m introducing a character into an existing indie author’s franchise that I hope he’ll take and run with. It’s in a genre I’m totally unfamiliar with writing and quite frankly am afraid to attempt, so I’m happy to write what amounts to the character’s back story then letting the original author of the franchise do with it what he will. We’ll talk publishing and what not after he reads the draft. So excited and so hope this character works as I’d love to publish what is some what of a new style for me :-). There’s more action and suspense in this tale than I’ve written so far.  If I can make it work, then I’ll feel more confident about finishing another set of stories I’ve had on the back burner now for four years (my first ever trilogy).

I’m really in need of that confidence too. You see, I went back and re-read three of the books I’ve written. I noticed that I’d written the same basic story. I might have switched up the format a bit, but the lead characters, their personalities and such are fairly consistent. I think that’s true of most writers, we write what we know, what we’re comfortable with. I wouldn’t mind being known as a “one hit wonder” of sorts who manages to have a hit with each variation I write of the same story, but I think in order to grow as a writer, I’ve got to develop some characters who aren’t just literary versions of me and the people in my life, and who experience situations that are outside my life’s experiences. It’s time to stretch and get into other people’s heads.  Ohhh, there’s a scary thought. Now, how to actually go about it?

3 thoughts on “Camp NaNo and other musings.

  1. Have you made friends with the lake monster yet? I’m the same way with camp: I don’t actually get that worked up over it. I think that’s because it’s far less structured, and people really sort of blow it off like it’s no big deal if they don’t get their words in the system. Both times I’ve done the July Camp, it seems like I’m the only one who reaches their goal out of the entire cabin.

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