Well crap.

God bless us everyone! Seriously? April already? Good grief. And before you ask, yes, I’ve signed up for April Camp NaNo. Good grief, what was I thinking? I wasn’t, obviously. Got so caught up with the excitement of coaching someone through the writing process that I agreed to join them in the Camp NaNo craziness. @#$%! Of course I have three freakin’ manuscripts I could use. One of which I think I can write for Camp and turn it into two distinctly different stories – this means writing BOTH story lines into my Camp NaNo draft. Hmmm. That would more than likely earn my badge (get me my 50K words).  Would make the editing process a touch on the whack-a-doodle side as I’d have to go through and extricate one story line from the other, but then after the hell I went through cleaning up Breaking Point’s draft – GOOD GRIEF, the time line alone in that took me four months to iron out – I guess I’m up for the challenge.

Speaking of challenges, this is hell week in my work out routine. A whopping six days of gym time, of which I’ve already missed one which means doubling up at some point this week. My motivation has once again gone missing. Have to go back and read / take my own advice. No room for excuses but man are they easy to make and believe. Sheesh.  Helps too that I’m feeling run down, a.k.a. exhausted, and have a particularly surprising case of what I hope is heart burn (I’d never had it before then bam, about three years ago, I’m popping my OTC migraine med like candy and suddenly having chest pains from hell. After a rather urgent trip to the doctor, she informs me it’s heartburn).  It’s a nagging pain in the middle of my chest, just far enough away from where my heart sits to make me think I don’t need to rush to the cardiologist just yet. Keep thinking if I’d just burp one good time, I’d be alright, but so far, nothing.  And no OTC migraine med overdose to blame it on this time around. SIGH.

Elsewhere on my to-do list is the revamp of my landing page and or the design and launch of an official business website.  Not to mention applying the rest of the recommendations, suggestions giphyand such I got from my site review (have you signed up for yours yet? Do IT! ).  Oh, and my goober has moved back home for a bit, so there’s a touch of home reorganization that has to happen, not to mention it’s time for spring cleaning anyway. And did I mention I’m going to be moving soon? So there’s purging and packing that needs to start. Ah, and that pesky ‘get out of debt by June 30th’ deal is still going on.   My truck needs to be washed and readied for a road trip; I need some spring / summer clothes as I’m between sizes again and don’t feel good in any of the clothes – those I can still wear – I own…So freakin’ much to do!

And for real, it’s already about to be April. Good grief.

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