Ooops. I did it again. (A round about endorsement for a brilliant new service)

(play at your own risk)

Sorry about the video flashback.  When the title came to me, I immediately thought of it…but then again, I suppose I could have gone with this instead…

Hmmmm, maybe not.  Suppose I just get on with the post, eh?  Yes, let’s do that.  LOL

The reason I’m writing this post is because  I found myself reading yet ANOTHER self-help book.  I know, I know…I’d sworn off these things just a month or so ago but when there’s nothing else to read, I find myself combing through the TBR pile on my Kindle.  I toss free downloads or ebooks I’ve been gifted on the Kindle for just such a situation. At the top of the list this time around, I find Dr. Phil’s Life Code.  Not sure when I started it (seriously, have no recollection of how this book even got to my Kindle, let alone how I manage to be more than half way through it), but I’m around the 61% read mark.  It’s almost as if I’ve been sleep reading it.

Anyway, I’m not about to hop back on the self-help bandwagon so no worries there.  What I’d originally concluded or rather, what my Divinity so clearly shouted at me still holds true. We don’t need another self-help book.

(seriously, you knew I was going there as soon as you read the words…lol)

*ahem* What was I saying? Oh yes, I firmly believe the last thing most people need is yet another rah-rah tome espousing the various ways one can live one’s dreams / best life / etc. that gives you very little in the way of concrete, applicable, reality-based steps to take.

Which brings me joyfully one step closer to believing my business idea is viable. To that end,  I’ve added another business coach to my life and she’s taking me through focused action steps which will provide a solid foundation for my business. I realized I needed help in this arena a long time ago but hadn’t found anyone who was able to supply the concrete. Know what I mean? There are plenty of gurus out there who give you the “just quit your job and do what you love, the money will come” speech, but that wasn’t reality for me. My coach is meeting me where I am and working me up from there. She’s taking my budget, my lifestyle, and my personality all into consideration.  It’s weird, it’s as if she’s known me all my life.

Oh wait, she’s my sister….so, I suppose that has something to do with it. Seriously, my sister has finally launched her business coaching service.  I’m over the moon about it because she really is a wiz at this sort of thing.  She’s the practical, technical sibling, and I’m the “ohhh, something shiny—squirrel!” one.  She’s successfully worked with a couple of new business owners (testimonials on the way) and thank goodness, I get the chance to work with her as well.

So, along with Ms. Dangerous Lee (Leigh Langston) with her marvelous work helping artists with their marketing, I’m proud to introduce Monyett Ellington and The Productive Process!  Stay tuned for links and a more detailed endorsement :-).

Sole proprieter? Small business owner? Just starting out or need a boost after struggling for a while?  The Productive Process can help!
Sole proprieter? Small business owner? Just starting out or need a boost after struggling for a while? The Productive Process can help!

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