Ponderances and contemplations

How about instead of paying for insurance that I don’t use, I put that money away in a trust each month. That’s both my car and my health insurance, by the way.  Then, should I need to go to the doctor, or heaven forbid, get into a car crash, I can pay for whatever is needed out of the trust.  As it stands, I (knock on wood) have only ever had to file three claims toward car insurance and each time, the cost to repair my vehicle was less than my freakin’ deductible so it’s not as if the insurance company had to come off of any money. Didn’t stop ’em from raising my damn deductible though. As for my health? I’ve been so blessed to not have any major health issues thus far.  With the exception of my hysterectomy years ago, and my tibia  fracture a couple of years back, I’ve never had to spend any real time at the doctors or in the hospital. Oh wait, there was the birth of my daughter, but that was about as uncomplicated as you can get.  Anyway, overall, for the thousands I’ve paid into the system thus far, it is clear with how premiums, deductibles, co-pays and such work, that I’ve paid in WAY more than I’ve used thus far.

Just a thought.


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