What is it with Life? (Pity party #4,789,320)

  1. Hey, you’re getting a raise.  Great, you start thinking about the things you may be able to do with that “extra” money.  Then your next check shows up and what do you know? That raise popped you into a higher tax bracket so most of the raise has been eaten by taxes leaving you to take home way less than what you thought.
  2. Alright, figured out the budget, there’s some money in the bank for a change and you’ve adjusted to going without meat on a regular basis. What happens? All the bills end up being $50 – $100 more than you planned for whatever reasons so that “extra” money you thought you’d be able to save? Yeah, nope.
  3. Car’s about to be paid off – YAY!  You’ll be able to bank what you were paying toward the loan. Wait, what’s that knocking noise coming from the engine?
  4. Going to put only $500 on the credit card because you know, for sure, you can pay that off next month and not be hurting. HA.  Two extra-large bills and one trip to the emergency room later and that credit card bill is now $800.

Of course, these are all slightly exaggerated, but that’s seriously what Life did to me this past week. All I can do is ask WTF and shake my head. I have decided I am just one of those folks who, as my mom would say, can’t win for losing. No matter what I think I’m going to do, or how I’m going to handle something, Life swoops in and jacks my plans all to hell. It’s as if It has to remind me that I’m not in charge of squat. Especially not my money.

I was going to be DEBT free except for my student loans by June 30th but guess what? My monthly bills since I made my declaration and drafted my pay-off plan, have consistently been in the freakin’ triple digits.  ALL OF THEM. Mind you, I cut cable last year, dropped internet a couple of months ago. I’ve stopped eating out every day.  WTF? Am I somehow sub-consciously sabotaging myself? I mean, how do I go from 80’s and 90’s on my utility bill to freaking $200+?  I didn’t turn up the thermostat, I haven’t been leaving miscellaneous appliances on just for the fun of it. Dang sure not doing more laundry than I’d done before. I cook at home more often now, but to the tune of over $100’s worth?

And let’s not talk about how I discovered my health insurance is a total joke to the tune of almost $2000 in medical bills – seems my insurance only covered 60% of any doctor’s visit I made last year so my busted ankle late 2013, plus my annual mammogram (and mandatory follow-up because one of my boobs tends to be lumpier than the other and there’s breast cancer in my immediate family), and regular annual physical, all came with an unexpected bill.  Oh…yeah, my dependent was sick last year as well, so there are those bills to cover too.

(insert HEAVY, DEEP SIGH here)


There’s a book to be written in all of this somewhere, I’m sure, lol.

4 thoughts on “What is it with Life? (Pity party #4,789,320)

  1. Oh but yes, I know this story well! Life is the stuff that happens unexpectedly, when you least expect it, that goes against expectations… you get the drift. My parents learned to never tell me in advance we were going to do something because if they said, “We’re going to the park this weekend” and then Saturday morning as the deluge broke over the city, I’d stand at the front door with my little red plastic bat in hand and say “So? When are we going?” and then have an epic seizure when they pointed out it was raining. Eventually Mom just decided it was easier to bundle me in the car without telling me what was going on. It made my childhood both more and less traumatic. Less because my expectations would be low and more because I never knew what the hell was going on…

    1. LOL – You know Sebastian, I don’t mind not knowing and being surprised (good or bad). What I hate is that I’m freakin’ planning, and doing all the work to cover my ass then here comes Life, yanking the covers off and exposing me to the four winds. It’s tiresome.

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