There’s a New One on the Way, and It’s a…

Wait – before I make the big announcement – you’ve gotten a glimpse into how my first books came into being (here, here, and here). Hopefully, I’ve peaked your interest and you’d like to read them.  With that in mind, I’m offering discounts on my books for the month of March. Time to clear the decks and make some room (hint, hint).

Downloads or paperbacks – all are 50% off.


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Coupon Codes for downloads:  Let There Be Life = CR45P,  Hello Diva = EY93R, Breaking Point = VL88V

Coupon for paperbacks: Choose your book, select “March Sale” from options, add to cart :-).

And Now – Announcing the newest edition to the Satin Sheet Diva book family!

Aphrodite’s Twin – A Novel of Short Stories

As I’ve mentioned before, I don’t do most things the way I’m “supposed” to.  I’m not a rule-breaker so much as I am an “outside the box”-er (wait…um, that’s not…*ahem*, let’s try this again.)  I tend to do things way differently than most people.  When it came to getting my work published, I attempted to go the traditional route but ultimately abandoned the process; it just wasn’t “me”. I looked into self-publishing the way “everyone” at the time was doing it, and discovered I wasn’t a fan of that process either. Hence, I’m now a publishing company (more on that in another post), in charge of writing, producing, marketing and distribution, sort of. Still not sure how to do that part but I’m learning.

Anyway, it’s time to bring my new (baby) book to life. I try to have one out every two years, I like them to be ‘walking’ at least before I have the next.  I combed the hard drive and came across my 2013 NaNo winner.  It’s been gestating long enough I think (three re-writes and now, first edit). A ‘sonogram’ will reveal what it looks like (a.k.a. be on the look out for the cover reveal) and between my mid-wife (editor) and I, I’ll know the exact birth (release) date shortly.

I already know this book (baby) is different. You see most short story collections are formatted so each story is separate. There may be a connecting theme, but for the most part, the reader is presented with individual stories wrapped in a single cover.  I could have done that, sure.  In fact, that’s how I started it, but as is often the case, at some point between conception and now, things took a turn.

Don’t know if it was the idea of “inception”

that triggered my Muse, but what I found was I had a single character who was going through some things and in the course of her going through these things, she’d come across a person or situation that I could present using one of the short stories.   Thus, the story within a story, within a story format. None of the vignettes were long enough to be novels on their own, but combined, they made a novel length book. Hence, “A novel of short stories”  :-).

Was thinking about crowd-funding – doing pre-sales for this one to earn the money for editing and printing. Should cost around $500 total. I’ll let you know about that as well.


  • Draft length – 50,038
  • Original title – A Table by the Sea
  • Final length – 61,511 (subject to change a bit after final edit)
  • Published – May 2015 with the final title, “Aphrodite’s Twin”.
  • Aphrodite’s Twin is the title of the first level – wrap around short story :-); just seemed to make more sense than the original title for sure.
  • Favorite scene : (picked a scene from the main wrap around story, “What’s Love Got to Do With It?”

A few questions later and I’m sitting in the chair still, only now, there are three scented candles burning in the center of the coffee table. The so-called Oracle had me close my eyes. I peeked just twice, both times she chided me with that patient but stern parental voice, “I promise, no harm will come to you. Just breathe deeply, evenly. Take in the scent of the candles. I want you to repeat this mantra silently to yourself, ‘I release the Goddess within’.  Your mind’s going to wander, other thoughts will pop in. Notice them, but let them go on their way. Always come back to the mantra, ‘I release the Goddess within.’  We’re going to meditate for just fifteen minutes. I’ll keep track of the time so just focus on the mantra. When our time is up, I’ll say.”

I thought everyone said ‘om’ when they meditated so I was initially skeptical that this was really going to work. But long about my tenth repetition of the mantra, I had the weirdest sensation of falling out of the chair…


It was when I bumped my head on what I thought was the coffee table that my eyes flew open.  “Alright lady, what the hell…?”

My eyes opened on a scene straight out of a sword and sandal genre film.  The various humans, some seated, some standing, all looking down at me from a large dais, were dressed as you would expect ancient Greeks to be dressed – flowing robes, secured with ropes or links of bronze chain.  The few that were seated showed feet clad in sandals or rough-looking leathery straps with plain hide bottoms.  Skin tones of tanned Grecian features stared back at me with mild surprise.

A quick shake of my head had me hoping that once the motion stopped I’d find myself lying on the floor in the Oracle’s office, a nurse or doctor in attendance, but no. Instead, there were now more people in the hall, these were wearing garb I would have associated with tribal nations I’d seen on the Travel Channel from regions along the western coasts of Africa. Instead of togas, they wore brightly colored wraps and other garb. Their skin, dark like mine, shone with the same otherworldly glow as their toga clad companions.

A woman’s voice turned all of our heads, “I am returned?” She was easily six feet tall, although the fact that I was sort of lying at her feet looking up added a few inches I’m sure. Didn’t take away from her strikingly beautiful features. Flawless skin which seemed to encompass all shades of the African – Caribbean diaspora, short kinky hair that looked thick, healthy.  She reminded me of an athlete at the peak of her game.

I cursed the Oracle as I wondered what type of drugs those candles had been laced with.

*giggle* – I’m telling you, the lead in this book kept me laughing.

Choices for NaNoWriMo 2015 and beyond. 

  • Demon Protegé and Demon Reign – A two book series that at its foundation is my processing my lack of a close relationship with my dad. On the surface though, it’s about what happens when a young woman finds out she’s a bad-ass demon hunter who just happens to be half-demon…and the demon she has in the cross-hairs of her sniper riffle just happens to be her father…oh, and if she kills him, she automatically inherits the demon realm over which he rules.  Yeah, she’s having one hellacious day at the office to say the least.
  • Lake Innocence – Nothing like a bit of PTSD and suppressed memories to make getting fit more difficult than necessary. The plot sounds more dramatic than it reads, I promise. And I’ve got a decent little romance to build in there as well. Might help if I actually told you the plot. Sorry.  I’ve only got a few scenes sketched out. The lead character introduced herself to me while she was lying in bed in the hospital emergency room. Seems she’d just suffered what she thought was a heart attack. Fortunately for us both, it wasn’t but the episode served as a big enough wake up call that she’s left her high stress job and moved to her family’s house on Lake Innocence. She’s determined to get healthy but of course, there are family issues she’ll have to wade through to get there. See…nothing overly dramatic there, eh?  *insert mischievous writer’s laugh here*
  • Chelsea Warner, MD – another idea that started life as a television script idea. I’d love to finish it up as a script, along with my other script, A Year in the Life, but I’ve discovered I really don’t like script formatting. It takes FOREVER. Even with script writing software (and I have two different programs to chose from, sigh) I find that having to sort out the spacing and such takes me out of the flow of the writing.  Either way, this one is about an over achieving woman who has to face her first major failure while coming to grips with her relationship to her parents. You see, she was “supposed” to go into the family business, but chose to be a doctor instead. The Nerve!  Anyway, she’s gone back to her hometown to do some soul-searching. It wouldn’t be a novel without some drama popping off – there’s a love interest of course, a child’s death, and the assorted familial secrets that show up to add spice.
  • Hello Diva, 2 – Where the Hell Have You Been? – The title makes me giggle every time. *ahem* This one answers the question of what happened to Charise’s mom.  I’ve got one scene and some snippets now, so not sure if there’s enough there to warrant a full on novel. We’ll see.
  • The Other Woman – pretty much gives it away in the title, eh? This ain’t yo mama’s ordinary love triangle for sure.

That’s a Wrap

So, there you have ‘er. Books on sale, a new book on the way.  I’m all a-glow as any expectant author would be.

Thank goodness that's not REALLY how books are "born" :-)
Thank goodness that’s not REALLY where books come from.


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