A Head’s Up

For a while there I was hitting you up with daily posts, then poof – I missed a few days and hardly anyone has come by to check things out. Perfectly understandable. Why would anyone stop by if there’s nothing new to catch their attention?

Copied from: http://vecto.rs/designs/tax
Copied from: http://vecto.rs/designs/tax

Well, it’s going to be like that for a while; at least until I can develop a writing / posting schedule conducive to my lack of internet at home. I pulled the plug on the service last week in an attempt to reduce the demands on my already tight budget.

So, while the new stuff will appear infrequently for a while, there’s plenty of older posts that I’m sure you’d enjoy so don’t be a stranger :-).  I’ll have this little post consistency glitch worked out in no time.

Thank you!

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