What would compel you to buy my books?

cropped-published.jpegSee, there’s this stack of unsold books sitting next to my desk now. I’ve been less than actively working the marketing to say the least. I hit a wall a year ago and for whatever reasons (I have yet to figure out what happened to my mojo) I stopped promoting my work.

So, here I sit, preparing to do another major purge and I don’t want to box up the books and tuck them in a corner. I’d rather have them in the hands of readers who may enjoy the tales of personal triumph (and sex…I have a book of erotic short stories there on the left) and romance.  The thing is, I have no idea how to promote them. Past experience has shown that book launches are both fun and effective, but alas, they cost way more money than I happen to be privy to at the moment. Outside of that, my marketing attempts have netted zero sales. I’ve done “two-fers”, “bogos”, and assorted other deals.  I’ve given away the e-versions left and right (which didn’t do squat to increase sales afterward, much to my chagrin, lol).  I’m fresh out of ideas, and quite frankly, patience as well.

So I turn to you, the few readers of the blog who haven’t yet purchased copies of any of my books – please tell me, what would prompt you to part with $10.60 at the high-end – $7.41 at the low (price includes tax.  Add $4 for shipping in the US), for a paper back written by as yet unheard of, at least outside of a small circle of friends, family, and past co-workers, independent author?  :-).


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