You Know, for this to be the blog of a writer…

There’s very little on the blog about writing. Oh sure, you get to see the results of the process in each blog post, and if you’re a frequent visitor you’ll see that there is always editing going on. I’ll come back and re-read posts here and there and if I spot grammatical errors or think of another way to say something, then a quick hit of the “edit” button and I’ll make the changes. Doesn’t matter how old the post is either, if I see a way to improve it, then that’s what I do.

I talk a lot about my life outside the writing arena though. There hasn’t been any news on works in progress, works for sale…nothing, since last year. I didn’t want to be one of those indie writers who did nothing but hawk my wares to the point of alienating potential buyers but by that same token, I’ve gotten so far away from talking about my life’s work that I’ve alienated them just the same.

When next we meet, I’ll have added that bit of my existence back into the rotation.

Meanwhile, here’s a little something to distract you…



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