Something to think about. 🙂 Well put Hasty…thank you for sharing.



I hope you understand that everyone has a story and that story is rarely conveyed by what someone looks like. 

photo (4)

I am not a big fan of the People of Walmart posts.  I love to laugh I just don’t love laughing at people.

If laughing at people is your thing, and sometimes it is hard not to when the person who captions said pictures is hilarious, then feel free to share and re-post all you like.  I just can’t join in.

Why do we go out of our way putting so much energy into things that could really hurt someone?  Why can’t we put our energy into something that doesn’t show a total lack of compassion?  But Hasty…people deserve to be laughed at when they wear ridiculous things out in public!


No, just NO…

They may not fit your idea of acceptable or even appropriate but nobody deserves to…

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