Things are about to change around here.

So, along with the discovery of my GIFT, I recently took advantage of having an analysis done of my web-presence by the multi-talented Dangerous Lee (aka Leigh Langston).  She’s the owner / operator of the Dangerous Lee News and Entertainment Network.  She’s also a talented writer and Dangerous-Lee-UPDATED-Logo-Imagemother, was once a model and actress, and has spent many a year working at raising awareness regarding the necessity for HIV testing, and safe sex practices.  Whew.  You would think with all that under her belt, she’d be taking it a bit easy these days. That is so not the case. She’s adding another wonderful activity to her resume – Social Media Makeover Mentor.  It’s a “mouth-full” but so, so worth it to have her crunch the numbers regarding your site.

Of course, I had her work her magic for me.  WOW.  It took less than 24-hours for her to provide me a thorough report, complete with suggestions, links, and data that I never would have thought to look for regarding the efficacy of my site.



Examples from the report:

Alexa Worldwide Rank: 4,735,053 Alexa U.S. Rank: 745,327

You currently have 13 distinct broken links on your website. Having broken links on your page affects its ranking, especially with Google.


I’ve followed her since 2008 when I first was introduced to her book, Keep Your Panties Up and Your Skirt Down; she’s grown her web presence steadily over the years, reaching an all time high of three million views in one year.  I think, after four years and some change, I might have a few thousand.  Guess who I’m going to trust then to tell me how to up my game? That’s right! I’m going to implement every suggestion she gave me with confidence that her advice is key to furthering my reach.

The report itself was formatted beautifully – even had my picture at the top :-).  She spelled out everything in plain English; so often in situations such as this you get back some techno-jargon laden, 10  page missive with instructions that read like a Star Fleet Command Academy training manual (used to have one of those in the 9th grade, was studying to be a navigator….ah, good times).  Leigh knows her stuff and she knows how to present it so that those of us who are, shall I say, technologically challenged, can follow along and reap the benefits of her review.
As I wrote, things are about to change.  I’ll be sure to come back and report on the numbers once all of her suggestions have been implemented. I’m so excited…

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