A flurry of activity and then…

Nothing. It all comes to a slow stop at the corner of WTF Boulevard and Let’s Get This Show on the Road Parkway.  Both of which seem to be one way streets going in opposite directions.  Which of course begs the question how do they manage to intersect at all. Que the themes to Dr. Who (the Jon Pertwee and Tom Baker incarnations) and The Prisoner (the 1967-68 version which of course, I didn’t discover until it aired on PBS in the late 70’s.  LOVE that show. STILL have no clue what it was really about, LOL.)

You see my “friends”, this is the beginning of limbo.  That time between motivational sparks where I suddenly find myself looking at reality versus the possibilities in things. Where I assess how far, if at all, my seemingly minuscule steps toward things have gotten me. Already, I feel the sense of not having enough time to prepare for things, weighing on my shoulders.  Two major life changes still hanging in the balance while the clock keeps ticking; no definitive dates or plans in place leaving me to fear that I won’t be adequately prepared to execute either one when the time comes.  As one major debt is set to come off the books, five others have stepped in to take its place, leaving me in the same financial situation – or so it feels. I’ll actually be several thousand dollars lighter in the debt column but man does it feel as if I still OWE the world millions.  One small sliver of silver lining – pomegranates are still at the stores.  Is it me or has anyone else noticed how weird the season ran for those this year? When I was a kid, used to be we didn’t see them in the grocery store until late September, beginning of October and by December, they were gone.  These last few years it seemed they were showing up damn near at the end of August and sticking around until almost new years. This past fall, I didn’t spy not one healthy looking pom until almost the  end of October. And here it is almost February and they’re still taking up a couple of baskets in the produce section, looking ripe and ready for the feasting. Global warming perhaps? Those shifting seasons are going to have quite the impact on our fruits and veggies, eh?pomegranate2

(*whoa. talk about going off the rails. sorry, I meandered a bit there at the end*)

So, limbo. Anyone else feeling it too? Has the shine worn off those resolutions yet? How’s that working-toward-your-goals working out for you, here at the end of January?


7 thoughts on “A flurry of activity and then…

  1. I don’t know if my resolutions–such as they were–ever had much of a shine; more like a deep fried glaze. But yes, I know what you’re feeling. For me it’s lots of beginnings and not enough middles and ends. Apparently I’m great about starting a project and terrible at finishing it. “Oh REALLY?” my inner Mom says. “What ever gave you THAT idea?”

      1. My time has not been my own recently. Debbie had knee surgery last week so I’ve been nursemaid-Sebastian for a while. That being said, last night I started editing/rewriting a piece about going insane while working in an office. Just the act of working on phrasing and word choice was inspiring and I had some good ideas for how to keep moving forward. Staying motivated is so MENTAL. It’s like… I love to write… But sometimes I have to trick myself into doing it!

      2. I can so relate. Writing in the blog – not a big deal. Working on my writing for sale? All of a sudden it’s a struggle to put words to page. Sigh. Hugs and a speedy recovery to the missus and hurry up with your latest piece – you’re a good writer! 🙂

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