I should be in bed.

It’s a quarter to ten. I’m tired, borderline sleepy, yet I don’t want to get in bed. I could blame my reluctance on the chatter in my head – there’s a lot of it tonight as my personalities and I are all abuzz with the many things going on in my life now. Nothing earth shattering or anything, just a myriad of pathways to take; projects to embark on; a couple of events that will alter the trajectory of my life on the whole.  All of them in limbo as I wait for this or that star to align. Sigh.

I should be in bed, listening to my almost memorized fifteen minute guided meditation while the scent of incense curls around the room. I inadvertently developed a nightly ritual. I wish I could say it has resulted in my being able to sleep through the night, but alas, that is not the case. I have noticed I’m not as tired in the mornings though, and come two o’clock in the afternoon, I’m not doing my impression of a bobble head action figure as I nod off to sleep at my desk.  I do find that I’m almost exhausted some nights by eight o’clock. I know though, if I give in and go to bed that early, then my usual three times to wake up during the night turns into five or six. My sleep patterns are whack-a-doodle for sure.

O.M.G. I should so be in bed by now. Maybe just a few more words and I’ll feel like giving in to the Zmonster who is thumping me, gently for now, in the head with his club. If I ignore him too long, he starts to go all gangster on me, beating me about the head and shoulders like some dude from a 90’s mob flick. Or better yet, like Simon Peg and friends in the bar scene from Shaun of the Dead (laughs).


See? I get goofy when I get sleepy and right about now, I’m just a few short seconds from full on



HA! Yeah…so going to bed. Now. Finally.  Maybe. Good grief why is my computer running so slowly?

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