Monumental “Ah ha” Moment – I have found my “Gift”

Funny what pain does to me. I’m sure I’ve written it before, so forgive me if you’ve read this, but my headaches most often lead to inspiration. Not sure why but the pain takes me to a higher plane – I tend to have BIG FEELINGS when the headache fairy is trying her best to kick, poke, stab, drill, etc. her way out of my skull.  Those BIG FEELINGS quite often lead to blog posts, love letters, or pieces of story.  They can also lead to epiphanies; breakthroughs of solutions to problems that have had me vexed.

This morning, day five of the dull throbbing, the pain reached its crescendo.  Not sure at what time, but I found myself with the headache in my dream. That’s when I know it’s going to be bad when I wake up and sure enough, I sat up at the appointed time and promptly decided I was going to be late for work as I had to take a pain med and lie back down.  It was while the pain med was slowly lulling the headache fairy to sleep that the flash happened and I realized I’d found my “GIFT” (you can read about the GIFT ponderance here and here).   How do I know this is IT?  I’ve got that soul-deep resonating, vibrations in harmony, peace bringing sense of “ahhhhh” that only comes when I’m submerged in my truth as only my Divinity knows it.  It’s that clouds parting, sun shining down, “wait, are those Angels singing in the background?” , moment of joy inside that eclipses all doubt, fear, or hesitation. I know IT in my bones that this is my GIFT.


Whew. Alrighty then.  Glad that’s over.  Now, to get moving on putting IT to use.

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