duPlooys Jungle Lodge (Vacation Slides, part two)

even more airport  - day of arrivalWe flew into Belize International airport on a Saturday, then hopped into a couple of  vans for a rather lengthy but enjoyable ride up to the Lodge.  The driver was quite knowledgeable and filled the ride with a wide variety of information, stories, jokes, and anecdotes.  In fact, just about every one associated with the Lodge was personable, willing to answer our questions and provide additional information. The group I went with are chatty to begin with and will talk to ANYONE who looks willing to participate in an exchange – this particular travel group is all about the history and culture of the places they go which is why I enjoy traveling with them.

I’d recommend this destination to anyone looking for moderate adventure in their vacation – you’ll find duPlooys is far enough away from civilization (limited wi-fi and NO TELEVISION 🙂 ) so you can fully relax for bit, but offers enough amenities (excellent food, comfortable accommodations, and a friendly, genuine staff) and activities so you don’t feel completely out of touch.  With that being said, here are a few other pics I took at duPlooys.  Enjoy.  Next post, I take you down to the coast where we spent the remainder of the week.

1115141706 1115141706a 1115142140b 1116140708c 1116140710a At the river Dinning room (1) Dinning room (5) duPloy main office Remote seating at end of the bar (3) Remote seating at end of the bar (4) Scenes from remote bar seating (1) Steps to River from another angle

1116141708a Enjoying its banana

3 thoughts on “duPlooys Jungle Lodge (Vacation Slides, part two)

    1. It was most amazing. Most of the vegetation you see in the pictures is only 20 years old – the land on which the resort was built used to be pasture! The owners either transplanted or grew from local seeds and clippings almost every bit of plant life on the resort.

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