Things I Left in 2014

Used to be a bit of a tradition amongst my friends and I that come new year’s eve, we’d do a burning. All the things, people, situations and such we wanted to leave in the old year would be written down on a piece of paper then burned at the stroke of midnight, thus ushering in the new year in a fertile “soil” of ashes from the last.  This year, I didn’t do the burning, but I definitely left some things behind in 2014; a couple of items were inadvertently misplaced.  For example, my sex drive and my 32 inch waist line but oh well, eh?

Anyway, my conscience “burn” list of 2015 or would that be 2014….I always get it confused. Do I name it for the year I’m leaving things in or the year in which I’m burning them?  Whatever. I’m over-thinking this. Here’s the stuff I purposely left in 2014:

  1. “Yes” when my heart’s not in it.
  2. “Should” and “Have to”
  3. I can’t
  4. Things I don’t absolutely LOVE and or USE all the time
  5. Not speaking my mind, my heart
  6. Excess sugar
  7. Weak muscles
  8. 30 extra pounds
  9. Debt
  10. Short breaths
  11. All but one ex – I’m keeping one because I genuinely LIKE the time we spent together; ALL of the casual encounters, short-term hook-ups, and ridiculously harmful so-called relationships
  12. Hard liquor

That’s it. Short and sweet. I don’t do resolutions but I do have a tendency to over goal which leads to over planning.  I would have added that to the list but I didn’t realize it until the 2nd of January when I picked up the binder in which I’d put my home-made planning pages for the month.  Now, I’m no slouch when it comes to the basics of graphic design. Okay, who am I fooling? I suck but I can use the hell out of Microsoft Publisher. I had spaces for to-do lists, reminders, and positive quotes. There were plans to plan out my spending, my appointments, meals, exercise, etc., every night before bed. I’d review the day’s activities, make adjustments and somehow by the end of January, I’d have a bunch of new habits that would lead to miracle weight loss and miracle amounts of money in my savings account, oh, and unicorns, and butterflies.  LOL!  Seriously, I’m laughing to myself at how deeply the “should” and “have to” were ingrained in that planner. When I saw it, I knew that planner had to die. LOL, again.

So, planning? Dead. My heart knows my truth. Time I did what it tells me to do. Bet’cha it even knows where my 32 inch waist line and sex drive disappeared to. You never know.

5 thoughts on “Things I Left in 2014

    1. I find it a nice way to de-clutter my mind at the beginning of the year. The trick is remembering them so I don’t unconsciously pick them up again, lol. Here’s to freeing up some space :-).

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