There’s a spider in my shower.

It’s a spindly legged, rather largish body, Daddy Long Leg type spider. It’s been in that same corner since Tuesday of last week. It just sits there, in what I think might be tiny filaments of webbing holding it hammock like upside down from the ceiling. I haven’t killed it. It seemed hypocritical of me to take another life considering how freaked out I’ve been lately about my mortality. There’s also the over abundance of life taking that happens daily. Seems to be no escaping the news of another life or lives ended without reason. HEAVY, HEAVY SIGH. To just snuff out the spider’s life doesn’t seem…right, or fair, or reasonable. I mean, it’s just sitting there. It doesn’t appear to pose any kind of threat to me whatsoever. Mind you, I am somewhat arachnophobic, and the combination of that fear, a wet tub, and 47-year-old reflexes (not to mention being a smidge out of shape, with a vitamin D deficiency guaranteed to put me at risk for easily broken bones), is bound to present significant problems should the spider decide to do more than just press its body to the ceiling when the steam from the shower hits it. But so far, that’s all it does – flatten itself as if that will stop it from getting steamed.

Hmmmm. I had a moment of doubt regarding the validity of taking a bug’s life just because I was afraid when I was in my teens. I made a deal with the Universe that anything crawling around outside was to be left alone, but no sooner than it crossed the threshold of whatever room I was in, all bets were off and it was within my rights to use whatever force I deemed necessary to eradicate the beastie from my presence. I’ve stuck to that rule for years. I’m wondering though if this situation is the Universe testing me because It knows I’m struggling with mortality across the board. Mind you, I have no problems squishing the wayward gnat that happens to find itself within my strike distance at work (the office is buzzing with them in hoards, all born of the live plants in a coworkers office) or stupidly large beetles or roaches that find their way wandering along my front stoop. I am quick with the bug spray in order to keep them from making way IN TO the house. ACK!

All of that aside, the spider remains unmolested, unchallenged, and very much alive in the corner of my shower. Tis quite the conundrum.

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