Killing multiple birds with a couple of stones.

I didn’t bring my personal laptop to work today. Figured I’d be way busy processing arriving shipments.  I’ve got my characters whispering in my ear so there’s some bits and pieces I need to write for my NaNo project. I don’t want to use the company email or my company laptop to save them. My usual modus operandi is bad enough. I want to share with you a piece of my story.  <———  Birds.

Going to write the scene as a blog entry and save it as a draft.  Then, when I get home to my personal computer, I can copy and paste the writing into my documents, update my NaNo count, and share with you an excerpt from my story. <———- Stones.


Here then is a fresh off the brain excerpt from my 2014 NaNo Project – Scrivener title: Borrowed Love; Word Doc title (because for some reason I didn’t remember what I’d called it in Scrivener when I was hit with inspiration away from my laptop and had to write a scene in Word): The Other Woman.

*****Side Note****

Do not expect this to be linear. I don’t write that way


“Jocelyn, can you come into my office for a few minutes?”

Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit.  “Sure, Mr. Leaks, be there in a sec.”  Jocelyn had never been called into a bosses office. She’d never been called into the principal’s office while she was in school. In fact, Jocelyn had lead one of those relatively charmed lives where her brushes with any kind of authority were happenstance casual encounters that involved pleasantries such as a head nod or a casual handshake while receiving an award, a diploma, or a degree. There were the five-minute conversations that had to take place during a networking or company event, but otherwise, she’d flown under the radar her whole life. Now, here she was, her guilt at having been involved with a married man surely showing like the scarlet letters of old, and the freakin’ Vice President of North American Operations wanted to see her in his office for a few minutes. Could it be that her affair had been noted? Perhaps the wife had called her boss to let her know there was a Jezebel on the project management team; a husband stealing hussy with no morals who couldn’t be trusted. Jocelyn was sure she was walking to her doom as she made her way down the plush carpeted hall of the fifteenth floor. She’d only ever been up there once before and that was when she was a new hire and had to sit through employee orientation. The conference room on the executives floor was the only one big enough to hold all the new hires.

“You wanted to see me?”

“Yes, Jocelyn. Come in, have a seat.”  Jocelyn’s manager, Missy was already seated, her expression neutral giving Jocelyn no indication as to the emotions in the room.

“I’ve just been talking to all the managers in the launch division, trying to find good candidates for a project we’re brokering in London. Missy tells me you’d be the perfect Project Manager to lead the effort.”

“I beg your pardon?”

“I’d like to have you lead our project team for our first product roll out in London.”

“Oh wow. I’d, I’d be….honored.”  She could have wept with relief. She wasn’t being fired, she was being promoted.  Or gotten rid of until the dust from her disreputable behavior died down. She didn’t care which. She was going to London. To lead an entire product launch. She could drown her lingering desire for his touch, the memory of the betrayal, in a sea of planning, projecting, pricing, and such.

~~~~~~~~Update, Nov. 10th~~~~~~~~~

I started this a couple of days ago; sometime last week to be exact. Things didn’t work out as planned, but I’m going to post this anyway.  What the hey, right?

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