Still reading, but now I’m writing too.

NaNo Day 3


Yeah, so on top of blazing through book #9 of the Hollows series (with #10 and then #15 of the Dresden Files series on stand-by, hopefully to be read before my library loan runs out), I’m strolling through day 3 of this year’s NaNoWriMo.  As you can see by the word count number there at the top, I’m a tad behind the recommended 1667 words a day. Have to admit, I’m not that worried. I earned my badge for Hello Diva after having not written a single word for the first week and some change. I’d not made up my mind to actually write until well into the month but once I did, I threw words up like a college co-ed after her first night of binge drinking at the frat house.  Can you say power-puking?  LOL.  Fortunately, the act of vomiting up words is a much more pleasant experience than it sounds.  I didn’t validate my novel until a little after 11 pm, November 30th.  It was down to the wire to say the least.

So yeah, I’m not real worried at this point. The story is there, the characters are talking to me. I’ll peck away at the story between reading spurts and I’m sure that by November 30th, I’ll be looking at my next NaNo “win”.

Thanks for stopping by. Back to my Kindle to finish finding out what happens to Rachel Morgan this time around ;-).

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