Random ramblings – priming the NaNo pump.

Hmmmm, that sounds a little….I dunno. Odd.  Oh well, anyway, this is just a quick post in order to get the fingers warmed up to the key board as well as to get my Muse and characters talking about our NaNo story.  I want to add just a few words to the count tonight before I drop off to sleep.

So, don’t look to this post to be coherent in a regular story type way. The thoughts that will follow are just random musings, general observations, and those nonsensical status updates that once used to grace my Facebook page. I still haven’t gone back to Facebook or Twitter. Found out I had a Tumbler account. I’ve looked at it but not sure how it works. It makes less sense to me than Twitter did. Oh well. I did manage to flip a couple of buttons and now the blog posts to it. Still not sure why that’s a good thing, but again, oh well. Thinking I may close that account soon too.

My furnace is blowing cold air. It’s an electric furnace of questionable vintage. All I know how to do with it is clean the filter. The handy dude won’t be able to make it until 10 tomorrow. No stress. I’ve done this dance before. Just means I have to dress for bed way differently than usual. Oh, and that the hot flashes and night sweats will be welcomed. Ha, ha.

And sort of along that line, I don’t get carded anymore when I order / buy alcohol! I suppose at 47 years old it’s about time, but oooph, does it sting.

But this Baileys / Crown Royal spiked hot chocolate sure is good.

Alright, I think that does it for now. Going to pop open the file and tell a little bit more story.

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