What If…

What if I pull out all the stops and go for agent representation in 2015? What if I query my butt off to get my next three books sold to major publishers? What if I finish the script and start shopping it around for sale? How do I even go about getting an appointment with an agent? How will I come up with the money to go to the conferences where these agents hang out? What if the day job goes away? What if I do get married and he turns out to be as wonderful as I’ve always thought he was? What if she gets “discovered” and suddenly has her big break in a major motion picture? What if I do? What if I sign back on to Facebook and Twitter? What if this really is the end of the world as we know it? What if, when I get there, I really don’t want to leave…ever? What if they don’t like me? What if I really am standing in my own way? What if The Adjustment Bureau is real? What if my hair really could grow back? What if I stopped bull shitting around and worked to be able to compete in a natural body builders competition for contestants 50 and over in three years? What if I don’t have to conform in order to gain recognition? What if I never gave up on anything ever? What if the bullies were wrong? What if the lump really is my unborn twin? What if they really did change their way of thinking? What if I asked for what I wanted and I got it?

What if?

5 thoughts on “What If…

      1. We’d be too busy hitting the zombie spots to write. And I would be hanging all the time. I’d probably crimp your love life.

      2. You know I would love hanging with you always. It would be fantastic to be able to call you up and meet somewhere.

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