I can once again call this an Award Winning blog :-).

Lovely Blogger awardA lovely writer and new to my blog reader, Ms. Shannon A. Thompson awarded me the One Lovely Blog Award via her Facebook page.  She also has a blog here on WordPress that I encourage you to read through. Lots of great information on her available titles, and her wonderful YouTube channel (cleverly and aptly titled Coffee and Cats).

As my acceptance of this award, I’m to give you seven facts about myself you may or may not know, as well as nominate five bloggers (complete with links and such).  I’ll tackle the easy part first and nominate my five bloggers who I’d like to share the spotlight with:

  1. Crazy Train to Tinky Town – this is one of my favs because the author (you know, it occurs to me that I don’t know her name. Hmmm) is so adept at infusing humor in her storytelling. There have been several posts of hers that have prompted a real “laugh out loud”.
  2. Improvisations on Reality – Not even sure where to begin…topics on this site are always provocative, enlightening, and very well written.
  3. The Dangerous Lee News & Entertainment Network – I enjoy the variety of pieces that are featured on this blog.  It’s not at all fluffy in the entertainment department, nor is it all doom and gloom when we’re talking news. You get a good mix of view points and good, solid writing. The site is owned, operated, managed, etc. by a talented writer by the name of Leigh Langston.  You’ll want to be sure to check out her book, Keep Your Panties Up and Your Skirt Down – it’s the only book I’ve ever read that made safe sex sexy.
  4. Burb Man: Tales, Tasks... –  Poignant, funny; a different perspective than my own, for sure.
  5. 18 Channels – I find this blog helpful, inspirational, pretty humorous, and just a nice spot to stop for some genuinely good reading.

And now, for the seven things you may or may not know about me :-).

  1. I didn’t know what my first name was until I was seven years old.  Most of my friends and relatives still don’t know my first name.
  2. I was officially a German citizen for six months.  Had it not been for the US being so persnickety, I’d have dual citizenship to this day.
  3. I’ve been bitten by a squirrel, stepped on by a small bear, and petted a baby rattle snake (by accident) all in the wilds of Colorado.  The bear and snake incidents caused my mom to stop letting me go to camp.
  4. I’ve met and chatted with: Eartha Kitt, Raymond Burr, Herbie Hancock, Maya Angelou, and Geoffry Holder.
  5. I spoke the Queen’s English and Cockney fluently until I was ten years old.
  6. I’ve been held up at gun point twice.
  7. I auditioned for A Christmas Carol; I read for the part of Belle, Scrooge’s girlfriend in the Christmas past segment :-).  Didn’t get it; not so sure the audience would have bought it, what with me being a shade or two darker than the entire cast.  This was, after all, back in the less than tolerant 80’s.

So, there you have it. Thank you again to Shannon for the nomination and shout out. Be sure to stop by the blogs I nominated if you haven’t already.  I’m positive you’ll agree that they’re lovely blogs as well.


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