A Peek Behind the Curtain – rated R for language.

What you won’t find is some dapper dressed gentleman working the knobs or controls of some fancy sound and light machine.  You won’t even find a wizard with a fancy projector and microphone. No. Instead, you’ll see a room in which sits a large round table made of mahogany with four ornate chairs that look as if they were commissioned for queens of vast, wealthy empires (because they were).  There’s an intricate and rather large spider web complete with occupant (shudder) in the upper most corner.  The web itself is iridescent, it sparkles in the light like a diamond would…if that diamond happened to be black.  Don’t ask.  I’ve never known for sure what it was made of and it lives inside my head.  Anyway, where was I? Oh yes.  At the table, there are currently seated three women and one teen-aged girl.  You can tell the family resemblance in their features.  They’re currently engaged in conversation.  Let’s take a listen shall we?

Frances:  Well, I don’t care.  I say we tell him what’s on our mind and let the chips fall where they may.  If he can’t or rather, refuses, to see that we make a valid point, then to hell with him.  We were foolish to believe he’d be any different from the others in the first place.

Baby: But we love him.

Frances:  No, Baby, we don’t.

Ana:  Yes, we do.

Onyx:  And that has what to do with what?  I’m with Frances on this one. Except for the talking part. I say we skip all that and put him out.  NOW! I’m not going to allow us to go back to hiding just to please some man.  I didn’t fight all this time for us to just hand over the keys to the kingdom to some asshole we fell in love with over twenty years ago. Fuck that.

Frances: We have to speak our minds. We’ve been too long holding things in and that’s never gotten us what we wanted. No harm in saying how we feel, THEN kicking him out.

Ana: You two are always so quick to run away.

Onyx: Run away?!  What the fuck?  Do you forget it’s me who bears the scars of all the bullshit we go through?

Baby: No you don’t.  I take on my fair share too.

Onyx: Yes, that’s right.  You do.  And I hate it.  I hate that I can’t protect you, that I can’t protect us properly.

Ana: We don’t need your protection.

Onyx:  Like hell! You see the monsters we have to deal with.

Frances: Don’t remind me. Maybe you’re right. We opened the gate and let this one in without a moment’s hesitation. Now look at us. Almost right back where we started.

Right about now is when a figure mists into view. She’s not related to the four at the table, but She is obviously a part of them.  Her chair at the table appears the same time She does.  Her voice is well, of course, Divine.

Oshun: Hello my loves.

(all): Hello Goddess.

Oshun: I’m here only to remind you.

Everyone falls silent.  Even the spider in the corner stills when in the Goddesses’ presence.  


That’s just a glimpse as to how life goes on inside my head.  The women at the table and the spider in the corner are all aspects of my personality and they are as distinct to me as can be. We’re in the midst of some life stuff. As you can see, the vote is two = stay, two = go. My Divinity, who, thanks to my work in progress, has decided she is the Goddess Oshun comes into the picture only when I need the others to settle down. They tend to speak rather loudly which makes it difficult for me to process any helpful information from the conversation. Then too, my Divinity works best when they’re quiet so she’s shown up to settle them and soon She’ll speak directly to me. Probably through the words of some as yet unmet character or some twist in the stories I’m pantsing for NaNo. Either way, I’m looking forward to a weekend of silent introspection. No worries if I can help it, no getting riled up over what may or may not be a reason for me to kick our visitor out of the castle. Going to listen for my Divinity.

Well, except for when I’m listening to Luke Evans as Dracula…

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