You’ve got to start somewhere.

So, I got up at four Friday morning and did day 3 of the 90 Days of Action work out plan from the Neily Rey site.  I don’t sleep but more than five maybe six hours at a stretch on a good day, so it’s nothing for me to be awake at two or three in the morning. If you’ve read my blog for any length of time, you’ll see many a reference to my lack of being able to sleep through the night.  Anyway, in the midst of that morning’s tossing and turnings, I noticed it was already October 3rd. In other words, it was Day 3 of the work out program I’d said I was going to start on October 1st. The first day of the program I warmed up the old lap top in preparation for displaying that day’s exercises on my TV, making them easier to see while working out, when I discovered my lap top was crawling with mal-ware.  So of course, I had to hunt down some reliable virus protection, download it, then run a complete scan of my entire hard drive.  By the time it had gotten to 82% (and holding – apparently my C drive has more files on it than I’d realized), it was almost eight o’clock in the evening. My earlier enthusiasm toward working out had dissipated.  I had a turkey and cheese sandwich, drank some tea, and watched a movie instead.  Day two? Ended up going to happy hour with a friend of mine. Whilst at happy hour, I consumed a rather potent adult beverage which rendered me useless for the remainder of the evening. Hence, my being atop my yoga mat at four Friday morning, kicking off my workout program on Day 3 instead of Day 1 :-).

Hey, however it “works out”, you’ve got to start somewhere, eh?

I will write this though – there is something good to be “said” about having worked out at o’dark thirty in the morning, at least for me.  I’m usually not doing much with that wakefulness anyway other than flip-flopping from one side of the bed to the other.  Not a lot of calories burned or muscles built doing that, let me tell you.  Might as well put it to good use. The workouts don’t look to be that time-consuming so I figure I might as well get up, hit the mat, then I’m free to do whatever for the entire rest of the day.

Something else I got from this morning’s activities – a running list of reasons for me to keep at it for the remainder of the 90 days.

  1. My belly likes to sit on my lap when I’m sitting down.
  2. From the back, I’m starting to resemble the Michelin Man or Stay Puft Marshmallow monster.  (look ’em up if you happen to have been born in ’90s)
  3. I want my thighs to touch, not rub together so much they cause friction burns.
  4. Sex.
  5. My waist bands roll down and the legs on my shorts roll up…by themselves.
  6. I want to invest my money in cute shoes, travel, and great food, not a new, bigger size wardrobe every so many months.
  7. Brain function – I’d like to maintain what little I have left and I read somewhere that consistent exercise does wonders in that area.  Who knew?
  8. Don’t want to end up with diseases I could have prevented by just a few minutes of exercise every day.
  9. Before I die, I’d like to be limber enough to actually touch my toes without pain.
  10. I got caught in the jacket of my Steampunk Corset outfit – the sleeves were so freaking tight that my struggle to get out of it left bruises on both my (fat) arms.  By the way, anyone know of a good seamstress or tailor who can modify (repair) the sleeves (I ended up having to cut one open)?
  11. I want to look and feel good (sexy) well into my 60’s / 70’s.
  12. With the changes in my health insurance coverage, I’ve discovered I can’t afford much  more than my once yearly trip to the doctor for my physical and boob mush.
  13. Roller coasters, air line seats, zip lines, walking tours of ancient ruins – want to be able to enjoy all of those for a long, long time.
  14. Sex.
  15. Don’t like that certain parts of my body are now touching other parts of my body when they didn’t before.
  16. My Day 1 pictures.
  17. Pin-up dresses, corsets and high heels.

I’m sure I’ll be adding to this list as the days go by. There’s those two-minute rest periods between sets that I have to fill in with something other than my labored breathing ;-).

Anyone else taking up a challenge or work out program from Neily Rey? How’s it going for you?

6 thoughts on “You’ve got to start somewhere.

    1. Dude, make your list the same as I’ve done here and keep looking at it. I promise you, it’s making a world of difference in how I think about sticking to the program. It helps that my “rolls” remind me daily that it is more than past time to get some exercise under my belt. Hell, I’ve already got every thing else under there ;-).

      Seriously, the motivation is there you have to find it and keep it front and center until you’ve reached your goal.

      1. Yeah, tomorrow I’m starting the Batman Challenge and maybe the Inner Warrior yoga thing, but me and Julz are starting a 30-day shred when we both do Nanowrimo for November! Gulp!

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