Yaarrrggghhh, the extended version.

I could have also called this post, “Mighty Morphin’ Story Titles”, LOL.

(not my picture) Was never a fan of the show, but the name does stick with you, doesn't it?
(not my picture)
Was never a fan of the show, but the name does stick with you, doesn’t it?

It all amounts to the same thing, my titles are fluid things.

Not sure why, but I want to share these with you.  You’ll see the original title and the date, then the most recent, or in some cases, the final title that accompanied the work to print.


  1. Control(11/2012)…I Love You, Now Die (? / 2013)
  2. Table by the Sea (11/2013)…Aphrodite’s Twin (6/2014): Not really a morph job, more like the original title was over thrown by the lead story. It made more sense during re-writes to use the lead as the wrap around and thus the change was made.
  3. And Unto Me, A New Life is Born (6/2008)…Let There Be Life (10/2008)
  4. Oh What a Tangled Wig We Weave (7/2008)…Hello Diva (1/2012)
  5. A Year in the Life (8/2012)…Breaking Point (11/2012)
  6. No Ordinary Love (6/1992)…A Mother’s Love (11/2007)
  7. Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places (? / 1998)…High Seas (? / 2007)

A friend explained that he knows an author who doesn’t set a title until the manuscript is complete. I’m thinking perhaps I should do the same. But I’ll be pooped if I don’t think of titles almost at the same moment the initial idea hops into focus. For example, the two manuscripts I’m kicking around for NaNo this year – both came with titles built-in. The titles are integral to the first scenes the characters sent me.  Hmmmm. Well, much like the stories themselves, I suspect things will change as I go through the process.  Can’t wait to see what I end up with :-).

If you write – how do you come up with your titles?



6 thoughts on “Yaarrrggghhh, the extended version.

  1. I’m having the same problem. Titling blog posts and short stories wasn’t terribly difficult. I don’t know why I’m having such a hard time creating a title for my latest work. I don’t think my current title will wet a reader’s palette. I’m counting on the book cover at this point. Of the titles you listed, I like the originals best for numbers 2, 3, 4, and 6 <— what can I say, I love Sade. 😉

    1. With the Sade reference, I was worrying over copyright issues, lol. I hadn’t yet discovered that you can’t copyright a title. Oh well. On number 4, I ended up using the phrase in the book as a chapter heading. I liked it too much to just toss it out for good :-).

  2. I sort of do the opposite: I don’t write until I have a title. I picked that one up from Harlan Ellison. Since I usually begin plotting out things before I write, I know I have time to get my title in place. Even so, with my current WiP, the title underwent a couple of slight changes along the way–mostly because I tied part of it into the student’s school year. See how easy it is?

      1. Look how long I’ll spend thinking of a story, and you’ll see that the title comes to me. “Kuntilanak” was the hardest: I was half way through the story without the title when I thought, “Just name it after what you’re writing about,” and then it became that. I had “Her Demonic Majesty” in about two days of thinking about the story. “The Foundation Chronicles” was always that, but I played with “Book One,” “Book Two” stuff until I realized I was each school year was referred to as a level–as in “A Levels”–then it became part of a mnemonic: “A for Advanced; B for Bettering; C for Continuing . . .” So that became the title.

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