No, that title isn’t me attempting to imitate a pirate. It’s the sound I make as I struggle to pull relevant, meaningful, attention grabbing titles from the ether inside my head.  Almost always, whatever title I started out with for a story or a book is NOT the title I end up with.  Usually, during the editing / re-writing phase, I see a pattern or central theme that doesn’t mesh with the current title or, one of the characters delivers THE LINE that sums up the whole shebang which then becomes the title.

As I go through the edits and begin rewrites on Aphrodite’s Twin, I notice how many of the titles just don’t work. Okay, maybe they did at one point, but as I read through, I’m finding them blech.  Let’s look at them, shall we?

The book title itself started off as The Table by the Sea.  I was going to have the stories centered around a little bistro on the island of Mykonos where I once had lunch.  LOVED that place. That’s it in the picture there.  The draft was my 2013 NaNo badge winner. 216903_10150338898652457_5700934_n

Anyway, during the re-writes though, that idea quickly stopped making sense so then the main wrap around story stepped up and claimed the title.  Aphrodite’s Twin.  Hmmmm, not so sure it fits either.

Then there’s the second wrap around story…What’s Love got to Do With It?  It started off as a short story  that I  couldn’t finish.  I was using it as a way to process a break-up. When I’d finally figured out how I was feeling, I had this chunk of story and no ending, so I just let it sit.  Now, here I am trying to squeeze it into this collection…it went without an ending right up until last week.  Well, I just don’t see how that title works anymore now that the ending is set.  Yargh.

I Love You, Now Die. This one. Ugh.


Let’s face it. This whole shebang needs a brain much more attuned to titling than mine. I’m a whiz at writtin’ ’em, not so much when it comes to the titlin’.  *SIGH*


7 thoughts on “Yarrrggg!!

    1. And believe me, when I first came up with it, I meant it for a specific person after who I’d modeled the lead character, lol. But now? Neither he nor the title fit into the scheme of things anymore. lol

  1. Strangely enough, I always have the titles before I’ve even got a plot. Take the Core War series, I’ve got it all set out, but the plots themselves are fluid. I have ideas for what might happen, but until I start fully planning in detail, it’s up in the air.

    Hell, I know a few authors who write their books, and don’t have a title until they’ve finished that last edit.

    1. The first four books seemed to title themselves after a fashion. Although, LTBL started out as “And Unto You a New Life Shall Be Born.” Yeah…that wasn’t going to fit on the cover no matter how I dickered with the font sizes. Hello Diva was first, “Oh The Tangled Hair We Weave” LOL! And Breaking Point began life titled, “A Year in the Life” – it wasn’t even supposed to be a novel but instead the pilot for a television series I wanted to do. I may still do it, as soon as I decide to enjoy script writing. :-/

      However it works out, I may go with your last example and try that myself. Just ignore the titles I have now, finish the edits, THEN dig through and see what jumps out at me.

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